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Getting prevalent in Google with Authorship is one of the Best and Efficient strategy where you can get emphasized. Anyway that is by all account not the only approach to get emphasized. While Searching in Google, you may go over Ratings underneath the SEO Title, Permalink and just above Meta portrayal. The individual who is hunting in Google checks down the exact results along these lines strive for site which has 5 star rating. Survey Markups is the grant that will make your site unique in relation to other people. Much the same as the Google Verified creator has centrality in SERP (Google Authorship), in the same way, Review markups gives respectable effect to the individuals who look in Google.

What is Review Mark Up?

In fair terms, Review Markups are otherwise called the Search Engine Star Rating System which makes a Positive effect in the personalities of individuals who look in Google. This Review Markup additionally turn your site to emerge in the Search Results. In this way, on the off chance that you eager to enhance the presence of your Blog in Google Search motor., then Review star Markups is the receipt to get yourself highlighted in Search Results as it is extremely eye-infectious and individual scanning for substance gets an impression to register with your website.

Why would it be advisable for us to Need Review Markup for our Blog?

There are numerous angles by Review Markup which do assume a key part in deciding your Site. Some of them are said beneath.




How To Add H-Review On Blog

Open your blog post in the edit mode for which you want to add rating

Copy the code which is given below and paste it at the end of your post, and just edit  Name, Reviewer name, date Y-M-D, and Your rating (Range from 0-5)


Reviewed by


on Jul 24 2014

Rating: Your-Rating



Now You Are done, if you want to make a confirmation. Go to Google Rich Snippets Tool paste your post url and click preview button. Now you will see how your post will look on Google with star ratings provided by you. Your star ratings will be live on Google just after the Google spiders will recrawl your site, it may take upto 1-2 days.


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