Google Replaces A web sites URL From The Search Results and Uses Their Site Name and crumb Path

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Google reported they’ve started supplanting the URL inside the query item bit region with a site name and breadcrumb way. This just effects the portable list items however may take off more extensive after some time.


Google said that beginning today they have overhauled their “calculations that show URLs in the list items to better mirror the names of sites, utilizing this present reality name of the site rather than the area name, and the URL structure of the locales in a breadcrumbs-like organization.” Google has really been trying this for a couple of years now, it was not extraordinary for searchers to see these tests in the course of recent years.


With that, they are giving website admins an approach to better convey the webpage name and breadcrumb information through organized information composition. The composition markup to indicate the site name can be found here and the outline for breadcrumb can be found here. It is essentially somewhat additional markup you can add to your source code with a specific end goal to convey these variables to Google.


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