Google Search Analytics Report currently Live For a lot of Webmaster Tools Users

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A couple of months prior, Google dispatched an alpha beta report named the Search Impact report inside Google Webmaster Tools. From that point forward, Google renamed it from Search Impact to Search Analytics and has been making updates and changes to it since. Google eventually supplanted the Search Queries report with the Search Analytics report for those clients who have been beta trying it.


Google welcomed two or three waves of website admins to test and play with the new report, in return for input and bug testing. Presently, Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji reported today on Google+ that they are currently arbitrarily overhauling Webmaster Tools records to see and utilize the new Search Analytics report.


On the off chance that you login to your Google Webmaster Tools and see that Search Queries was uprooted and supplanted via Search Analytics, you are a piece of that gathering


The new Search Analytics report accessible to an irregular specimen of our clients .


Some of you may recognize that they now have admittance to it in their Google Webmaster Tools account, under Search Traffic in the left navigational menu. In case you’re among the new analyzers, I trust you’ll appreciate utilizing the report.


We noticed that the information is a touch moderate to get up to speed yet it will, “the new report presently has under 90 days of information, however it will make up for lost time in the following couple of days.”


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