How to use Header Tag and ALT Image Text In SEO

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Header tags (



) : The header tags of the website pages should always consist of the keywords that you are targeting. There should be only one h1 tag per page for better ranking in google however you can have more than one




and so on for all the header tags from h2 to h6 tags.

Image Alternative Text: tag : The image alternative text tag should always contain the keywords that you are targeting. Do not have the same image alternative tag for more than 1 image, use different text but see that it has the keywords that you are targeting.

For eg. If my keyword is ‘mobiles’ then i can have images with alt text as, mobiles nokia, mobiles lg, mobiles samsung s2 glaxy etc…

Note : In blogger the image alt text tag is represented by image anchor text tag..

Syntax 1 (For bloggers): image anchor=”….”

Syntax 2 (For others): img alt=”….”


Font Decoration:

Bold, Italic and underline tag : If your webpage has font in Bold, italics or underline in any part of the text, see that they contain the keywords that your are targeting.


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