Where To Place Title Tag For SEO

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The order of importance of html tags for SEO is arranged in the ascending order as follows :


Page Title:

:</p><p>These should contain anywhere between 65-100 letters, these are the words that should start with (or have) your keywords, the title of a webpage is displayed in the title of the website, in Google organic search, the title of the website is displayed in the first line of the each result in blue color, the title has to be interesting so that the reader is attracted to open the website. There should be only one title tag per webpage.</p><p>The Google reads the first 65 characters of your web title. Your title must start with the keywords that you are targeting to perform well in search engines.</p><p>The title has to be attractive so that users are attracted to click the website.</p><p><strong>Syntax of title tag</strong></p><p><title>….

The … must have the keywords that you are targeting in the first 65 characters. title tag is present anywhere between the and tags of your webpage.

Changing the title tag in bloggerUnder any blogger site click on Design –> Edit HTML –> just after the tag give the title of your homepage.

Changing the title tag in wordpress

In the admin logged in area in word press click on editor under the appearance menu, then click on the header.php file, here you would find the tags, between them just put your own title tag. Note : Both in blogger and word press, this tag is already present, just change the content of title tag, according to your requirement.


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