Top 10 Key Factors to Attract more Customers via Digital Marketing

Top 10 Key Factors to Attract more Customers via Digital Marketing

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Posted On: 25 Oct 2017

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We as a digital marketing agency set everyday goal so as to increase the number of customers by setting up everyday goals – be it increase in the number of likes, increase in the number of followers or shares.

Following the rights tricks and strategies, it doesn’t get any difficult to reach the goals set. It could be any way - the way the content is written or the way marketing is done or how data is handled or how active are you on social media platforms or let’s just say, any or all of the above mentioned points. As, at the end, all we want is more number of customers using our products or services.

Few are some of the top most tips to be followed to attain the everyday goals which can also be useful for future endeavors.

1.    Write blogs.

The best way to attract customers to your website is by writing blogs which have a link to your website. It is a must that your blog contains fresh and new content which keeps them engaged. Once they read it, hopefully they become your customer.

2.    Write informational documents.

Write documents which have detailed information about the important features, policies and issues of the product or service you sell/provide. Talk about the market trends for that product. These documents are more or less like a Blog, the only difference between them is they are longer than a blog post as the product is explained in detail.

3.    Start an e-book.

Now, once your product is in the market and has been spoken about a lot, its always better to write an e-book. They are important as they make a downloadable content for marketers to promote their brand easily which helps them showcase their knowledge.

4.    Get user data to let them access the content.

Before you can let the user access your content, ask them to do something ; maybe signing in for a membership, giving their email id, paying some amount of fee to access it. This is also called as gated content. The user data here received can be used for other digital marketing techniques like email marketing. Right amount of gated and ungated content on your website can ensure maximum lead generation.

5.    Get the most of the content written in your Blogs and e-Books.

Share your blogs on various social media platforms and attract different customers. Write them in various languages to make them multi-lingual. Update an old blog and republish it. Take a webinar and invite others to join in it. Write out the information gained from this webinar along with screenshots in your e-Book.

6.    Try Visual Content.

Make use of interesting and engaging content like Videos, Photos, Graphs, charts and other info-graphics. Use Cartoons and Anime to attract different audiences of different age groups.

7.    Maintain Brief and Concise Content.

Make sure you write content only about the topic and do not deviate from the topic. This not only maintains the length but also keeps hold of interest of the reader.

8.    Maintain Call-To-Action Buttons highly specific.

Redirect the call to action button to your website or to ask them to fill a survey or engage in any other activity or point them to any of your latest social media post.

9.    Make sure your campaigns created are not only Desktop friendly but also Mobile friendly.

The usage of mobile in recent days have been increased highly, so mobile-friendliness is not just a need but a necessity.

10.     Engage with your customers on a regular basis.

Regularly communicate with your customers either in the form of comments or posts or emails. This not only shows your interest in selling the product or offering a service but also shows your customer-friendliness.

These are a few of points which are to be taken into consideration to get more and more traffic to your website, Thus increasing the number of customers and  getting your brand recognized.

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