Bespoke SEM & Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency in India

PurpleSyntax is a leading Pay Per Click Agency in India, we have executed 100’s of SEM campaigns for our clients returning industries best ROI. Pay Per Click (PPC) has been constantly evolving over the period of time & publishers are offering enhanced features for brands to target and engage their potential audience. Consumer intent, landscape, technology, and platforms constantly continue to entice brands to spend more with publishers. PurpleSyntax as a leading digital marketing agency has the right people, technology, and approach to ensure your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.  Our team uses tools that help the brand determine the right mix of keyword grouping, keyword search, corresponding landing page and the correct ad copy. With a vast knowledge of the trends on digital medium, our team devices strategies that help maximise the brand’s reach within the specific target audience and maintain a viable Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).


Pay Per Click Services Approach

A snapshot of how our team approaches to create successful SEM campaigns for our clients:

Processes for Campaign Optimisation: 

PPC model offers low wastage but also results in high CPA as the volume increases. Hence, maintaining a fixed CPA becomes a tedious task for any brand.

Optimising to a CPA:

Optimisation of the CPA requires a thorough knowledge of the metrics that govern the PPC model. To simplify this for our clients, we have the below map to understand the interdependence of the metrics.

The brand’s CPA can be impacted by many different metrics. We can’t directly impact all of them. We can only directly impact the following:  Impressions , Click Through Rate (CTR)  Average Cost Per Click (CPC)  Conversion

The CPA Curve Manipulation: 

With the in-depth knowhow of the metrics and their dynamics, it becomes easier for our team to manipulate the CPA. Constant observation and optimisation of the campaign dynamics helps us to maintain/lower the campaign CPA and increase the ROI. For continuous optimisation, we keep the blow checklist for each campaign.

Campaign Performance, Keyword Performance/Bid Management, Landing Page Testing, Ad Copy Testing, Creating and Maintaining a Test Strategy Document, Product/Service Offer testing

Your investment is in Right Hands.

Our team continuously checks your paid search activity for any performance anomalies and critical errors that could result in downtime or wasted spend and make corrections in real time.