Bespoke Social Media marketing Services in India

PurpleSyntax is a Digital Marketing agency offering Social Media Marketing services in Hyderabad, India.  We are experts in social media analysis, hence  we provide insights for our clients about their digital channels & ROI from them. Our team empowers brands by performing different audits and sentiment analysis as soon as the client is on board.  We understand the social networks where your brand resonates the most and what type of content is driving more visibility. We also do deep dive exploration of your audience and industry demographics to understand & learn who is sharing or liking the content?, what are their interests?, what is their age group & location? and what motivates them. All these insights would be framed to an audience-driven social strategy. 

Executing Audience Driven Social Media Strategy

 We specialise in executing the social strategy by building awareness, engaging audience and driving traffic to the website through social media interactions. We use the core value of social media – Word of Mouth to promote the brand offerings and build brand evangelists. SEO, when seamlessly integrated with SMM, takes the brand visibility to a higher level of consumer engagement. This evolving trend in Social Media Marketing directs us to focus on Data Insight and Campaign Integration at multiple levels across social platforms. The delivery of a successful campaign requires a perfect blend of research outcomes and an imaginative idea that maximises the campaign’s ROI.

A snapshot of how our team executes successful social media strategy for our clients: 

Sentiment Analysis: 

This is the process of identifying and categorizing opinions expressed about the brand/product/industry across social media.

Social Media Monitoring: 

Post gathering the data from the level above, our team monitors insights constantly gathered from the social media.

Content Development: 

We develop content and campaign ideas originating from multiple insights and analysis conducted over a period of time.

Community Management: 

We specialise in adopting a 360 approach for Social Media Marketing. We target all key social media platforms and integrate customised messages to enhance engagement.

Social Media Reporting: 

Our continuous research helps us develop reports that enable you to draft effective and customised strategies for your brand and reach the desired objective