Bespoke SEO Services in Hyderabad, India

PurpleSyntax is a premium SEO company in Hyderabad, offering bespoke SEO services. Our founders have more than a decade of experience in Digital Marketing and are constantly abreast with search engine Trends. We have spent years understanding how search engines work and developed strongest strategies for optimisation. With all our expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we Empower growth to our clients by increasing the website organic ranking in SERPs. 

Leading SEO company in Hyderabad India

We have helped numerous clients secure outstanding search rankings. With our unique content & SEO strategies, we have been instrumental in ranking for some of the most competitive keywords for our clients. With years of expertise we have designed a well structured process which has been successful yet organic

Technical SEO:

We identify issues in the site with technical audit and ensure that search engines are being able to effectively crawl and index your pages. We unleash your website to be barrier-free and help it to demonstrate value and integrity to search engines.

Keyword Research:

Keywords set the direction for SEO strategy, Understanding your Brand & your competitors are crucial to achieve your business goals. We do deep dive exploration of keywords and identify the right set of keywords for your business.

Content Strategy:

Our robust Content Strategy is based on gathering data, analysis of research and user based insights on website and your competitors.

SEO Strategy:

Once we are done with the research and strategy in place it is paramount to incorporate the required changes and add targeted keywords in the content of the website to achieve business goals. We set tracking mechanisms and frameworks to gauge Optimal Performance Indicators.


SEO is made up of ever changing algorithms that require constant acknowledgement and a subsequent action. This makes SEO a constantly evolving system. We take pride in not only educating our clients on the operational model of SEO, but also equip them with information that helps them gauge and leverage an opportunity whenever one presents itself.