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Remember those Facebook Year-in-review video updates from everyone and their cousin’s friend hogging your news feed? It looks Facebook goes to drag an identical stunt over again.


With Thanksgiving round the corner, the social networking big has return up with another video plan — say thanks. this is often a feature within Facebook wherever you’ll SHARE a personalised ‘Thanks’ video with a disciple, your married person, a relative, a coworker, Associate in Nursing ex – or anyone else in your life whom you would like to convey.


The company has same, there’s no limit to what percentage thanks videos you’ll send. What’s additional, not like the look-back video, Facebook is pushing the launch on desktop moreover as on mobile at a similar time.

Here’s however it works:

To create a Say Thanks video, visit facebook.com/thanks. Once you select a disciple, Facebook can generate a preview of the video. you’ll choose a unique theme and edit photos and posts that represent your relationship.

When you’re glad with the video, click “SHARE” and it’ll provide choice of writing a personalised message before posting. The video can post on your Timeline and your friend are labeled , thus it’ll show abreast of their Timeline moreover.


Your friends can get labeled to the video and it’ll be announce your timeline. It’s terribly almost like making an everyday video, however this may be directed at your friends with a “thanks” theme embellished.

According to Facebook, Say Thanks are rolling out nowadays globally on each desktop and mobile. LinkedIn additionally will similar infectious agent activity by causing folks Associate in Nursing email telling them their profile is “Top one hundred and twenty fifth, 5%, 100% most views profile for the year 2014?. this is often such a digital ego massaging activity.


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