Google Maps Revamps Quality pointers For native Pages

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What has modified with the new Google native page quality guidelines?

Google Maps has updated their native pages quality pointers last night. Jade Wang from the Google team announce the news within the Google Forums saying.


We’ve updated and processed our quality pointers for native pages. Please browse the new edition here, and, as always, be happy to contact our support team with any specific questions about your account.


There are handful native SEO consultants that have mammary gland through the recent pointers to check it to the new pointers. I saved a screen shot of the recent pointers, that you’ll see up here.


Mike Blumenthal documented the “obvious changes” including:



Google Maps native have perpetually been somewhat of the “wild west” of the search house. such a lot of ar asking, despite these pointers, can Google even have the person power and resources to truly enforce these rules.


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