Google to launch entryway pages ranking penalty

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At the point when was the last time you experienced an entryway pages in Google’s indexed lists? In spite of the fact that this doesn’t happen all the time, Google assumes that entryway pages are still an issue. In the authority Google site, Google reported another punishment for entryway pages.

What is an entryway page?

As per Google’s declaration, entryway pages will be pages that are made exclusively for internet searches.


“Case in point, searchers may get a rundown of results that all go to the same site. So if a client taps on one outcome, doesn’t care for it, and afterward tries the following result in the query items page and is taken to that same site that they didn’t care for, that is a truly disappointing background.”

By what means would you be able to recognize entryway pages on your site?

Google distributed a rundown of things to ask of pages that could be seen as entryway pages:



On the off chance that you can answer these pages with “yes”, odds are that Google imagines that your page is an entryway page.

Will this punishment influence AdWords Landing pages?

A large portion of the things above likewise apply to greeting pages that are utilized as a part of Google AdWords crusades.


It is viewed as great practice to utilize individual greeting pages for every promotion bunch. Greeting pages that have a solid association with the notice message ordinarily change over better than general points of arrival.


Will Google punish these presentation pages? Sadly, that is not clear yet.


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