Google plus Makes It Easier To See Your Mentions

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Now desktop users will see all mentions of a page or personal profile on faith notifications.

Active Google+ users currently have a handy new tool — a Mentions tab that displays all + mentions of a private profile or page.


Previously, Google+ mentions were solely accessible within the notification button, within the upper-right hand corner of the location, however notifications additionally embody +1s, messages and alternative interactions. The Mentions tab provides a a lot of tidy read of however an individual or page is being addressed on Google+ and may be particularly helpful for page managers World Health Organization wish to stay track of conversations regarding their page.


For personal profiles, the new tab is visible at the highest of the page between the a lot of and Explore tabs. For pages, it are often found when clicking on Steam within the pull-down menu on the left-hand aspect of the page

“The feature is currently not available on mobile apps”



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