Integrating AdSence Into Google Analytics

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Did you recognize that Google currently permits you to import your AdSense knowledge into Google Analytics? Did you recognize that after foreign into Google Analytics, you have got access to granular AdSense knowledge that’s not out there through normal AdSense reporting?


Integrating AdSense with Analytics is nothing new. Yet, I still speak with individuals each single week whose revenue depends on AdSense, nevertheless don’t realize (or merely aren’t using) the feature.

First things 1st, you would like to attach AdSense to Google Analytics, and you would like to try to to it at once. Why?


Because they don’t show you historical knowledge (though they little question have it). you’ll solely be ready to see the cool new statistics post integration. the earlier you connect them, the earlier you’ll analyze enough knowledge to urge reliable insights and build smarter monetisation choices.


  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Click “Admin” at the highest of the page
  3. Under “Account” (left column), opt for the account you wish to attach
  4. Under “Property” (middle column), opt for the particular property you wish to attach
  5. Click on “AdSense Linking” within the middle column
  6. Choose the AdSense property you wish to attach to the current analytics profile
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Choose that analytics views you wish AdSense information to look in (for most of you, which will merely be your main analytics account
  9. Click on the “Enable Link” button
  10. Click on the “Done” button

That’s it currently your AdSense account is connected to your Google Analytics account. It takes regarding twenty four hours for knowledge to start out showing, however bear in mind, it’ll solely show the info collected once you connected AdSense to your analytics account.


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