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Google recently declared that the Page Rank toolbar will not be updated any longer. will this mean that Google will not use Page Rank as a ranking issue anymore? A Google patent that was granted in Gregorian calendar month indicates that Google would possibly use some reasonably Page Rank 2.0 to rank pages.

New strategies that Google uses to rank web content

Google’s new patent with the name “Onsite and offsite search ranking results” lists many on-site and off-site factors that Google would possibly use to rank web content. this might be one thing like Page Rank 2.0.

1. On-site information that Google would possibly use

On-site information is information which will be retrieved from the analyzed online page and also the complete web site. Consistent with the patent, Google would possibly contemplate this information:


How to analyze on-site data:

According to the patent, on-site information is vital for Google’s ranking algorithmic rule. SEOprofiler offers 2 tools that assist you with on-site optimization: the web site audit tool analyzes the contents of your web content.


For example, you’ll see what number clicks every page is aloof from the house page, you’ll see errors which will keep computer programme robots away, etc.


The Top ten Optimizer analyzes the contents of individual web content. The frequency of the keywords is checked moreover because the location, the various online page components, the links, etc.

2. Off-site information that Google would possibly use

In addition to on-site information, Google conjointly uses off-site information to work out the position of an internet site. off-site information refers to ranking signals which will be known while not accessing the online page:


How to analyze off-site data:

The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler offers you an in depth summary of the backlinks that time to an internet site. you’ll type the links by class, context, quality and keyword.


The link medical care tool in SEOprofiler shows you the links which will have a negative influence and also the hub finder tool helps you to urge links from authority websites.


The same web site might need over one page that’s relevant to a keyword. therein case, Google would possibly use a mixture of on-site information and off-site information to seek out the foremost relevant page of the web site.


The tools in SEOprofiler assist you to optimize each on-site and off-site signals. If you haven’t done it nevertheless, attempt SEOprofiler currently and determine however SEOprofiler will facilitate your web site to safeguard your rankings:


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