Excel at building light, scalable, real time event drive models

NodeJS is an open source platform which has been gaining steady popularity, owing to its ease in building scalable applications and server tools, that are predominantly data intense, input/output based and yet light weight. Node.js works like a charm on event driven servers, which are based on real time, and can use multiple frameworks like Express.js, Mojito, Hapi.js etc. This makes it a perfect choice for applications involving live streaming, or non-blocking paradigms like drone programming , online gaming and robotics.

PurpleSyntax is a Node Js Development company with both the right experience and expertise to provide Node Js Development Services that we use in building solutions to resolve your business needs. You can hire Node.js developers from PurpleSyntax to assist you on your Business Intelligence needs, text and chat engines, or data driven tracking applications which are now universal features across industries that aim to grow.

NodeJS at PurpleSyntax?

At Purplesyntax, we leverage our learnings from multiple digital disciplines and implement them throughout the web design and development process resulting in a visually stunning and performance-driven website


Flexible development

PurpleSyntax is a Node Js Development company with a clear approach to offering a business solution which is always thorough, and holistic. Our principle of flexible development is a commitment to focus on customer delight throughout the Node.JS web development services on offer and strive to deliver the best solution in shorter sprints. Our approach to the whole development process is simple, secure and speedy in delivery.

Field Expertise

PurpleSyntax is home to a team of highly experienced node js programmers, who analyse and use the right mechanisms to build scalable, efficient applications on client side and server side that help overcome deadlocks and address business issues. We offer full mean stack, and mean stack development at competitive prices.

Global Footprint

PurpleSyntax is a Node Js Development company which has successfully developed and delivered solutions to business all over the globe, understanding geographies, local factors and requirements making us one of the most versatile, and hassle-free development teams you work with.

Futuristic vision

Our Node Js Development Services are not only aimed at delivering a working system but also concentrated on making the application stable and scalable for the future, considering scalable Node.JS applications provide seamless up-gradation under growing demands.
Node JS Development Services in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

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Node JS Development Services Company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

Process flow of Node.JS

Architecting a Node.JS application optimally is a vital step that saves time & money, avoids code duplicity and improves stability. At PurpleSyntax, we follow best practices that allow for quicker refactorisation when needed, and allow code reusability for quick fixes.

Node JS Development Company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

Requirement gathering

The first step in our Node Js Development services offering is planning. We consider and pay most attention so that the development is in line with the business logic. We conduct several brainstorming sessions to arrive at a scaffolding proposal that we intend to implement including feature planning, security and basic architecture of the project.


In this phase, we take great care to use standard industry practices, and smart methods specific to Node.JS like 3 layer architecture, Pub/Sub layer patterns, Dependency injection where required, etc that yields good, readable, clean code, so that it can be used over time for any scalability, refactoring or expanding functions that the business may later take on.


We test and check code across all possible scenarios so that the code is bulletproof, and functions exactly as we intend it to. We test Node.JS using Mocha and Chai which allow flexible and accurate reporting, and helps test across multiple frameworks.


The exceptions are handled, and once sanity testing gets a full go-ahead, we we deploy it on the host of choice after taking into account your database, Operating systems and server infrastructure.

Post production support

Part of our Node Js Development Services is a full production support offering - Our team will constantly monitor and maintain the website/Application to manage and assist in its upkeep and smooth functioning. Since Node.JS is used in predominantly high data driven platforms, a constant surveillance is essential.

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