The Power of WebAPK in Applications

There are millions of applications on the Playstore, and a million more on browsers, available as web pages or a service. Progressive web apps, or PWAs are web applications that combine the two, and the result is a best of both worlds - a website that behaves like a standalone app. A progressive app are also like the next generation browsing experience, which are platform agnostic -they work without having to open your internet browser, send pwa push notifications and most of them work on low connectivity or even offline.

PurpleSyntax helps you expand your sphere of influence, leverage the PWA potential, boost reach and increase customer engagement on the web and mobile space. Progressive web app development is the perfect balance between an app experience a light browser.

PWA Development in PurpleSyntax


Cost efficient

Unlike the cost of developing a mobile application, employing a PWA offers a premium application experience and mobile functionalities, at costs lesser than native mobile applications. Search engines identify PWAs as applications, which gives an immense visibility advantage. PurpleSyntax offers progressive web app services with its technology experts ensures you get value addition without spending huge amounts.

Personal signature

PWAs are inherently personalised as compared to native or hybrid mobile applications, and PurpleSyntax through platforms like Magento PWA Studio and Vue Storefront helps create your unique brand signature that assures a loyal and returning customer base, with greater engagement.


PWAs reduce development time, and update content faster in real-time; which means better and more consistent experiences to users, without reliance on internet connectivity or speed.

PurpleSyntax helps achieve specific business goals through progressive web app development, through its expertise in developing progressive apps. Super-fast, robust and a returning experience: It is well known that users are always looking for desktops like speed and experiences in loading a mobile app.


PurpleSyntax helps design and deliver engaging experiences through App Shell models in PWAs irrespective of the internet connectivity. Attract and expand your user base, get better RoI and faster turn around time, increase engagement time and catalyse customer traffic through push notifications.
Progressive Web App Development Company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

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Progressive Web App Development Services Company in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax

PWA Development Process

The process flow of PWA development is similar to that of developing a mobile or web software, which essentially consists of requirements gathering, building prototypes, designing & developments, testing and deployment.

Progressive Web App Development Services in Hyderabad India - PurpleSyntax


In this stage we understand the your requirements and expectations, since the PWA design process is centred around personalisation of specific needs. Our in house developers create a prototype, POC and/or a MVP. If you already have a web site, we do a deep diagnostic analysis of the website, and determine the advantages that PWA can add, or the challenges it can pose. We then advise on whether the website needs up-gradation to suit PWA standards, or needs a fresh build, depending on the existing architecture.

PWA development

We next create the best fit responsive design taking into account every interest and business need. Our Full-stack Developers (JavaScript, frameworks) will ensure the PWA is in line with the prototype and ready to go live after continuous and extensive testing.


Testing of the PWAs use automation tools and techniques to test responsiveness and browser compatibility, offline support, discoverability and App like interface ability.


Once the PWA is ready to go, we ensure it goes live smoothly, integration with any new or existing systems and data sources, carefully factored in.

Post launch

Once the progressive web application development is finished, and the PWA launched, we offer support and continued maintenance. Ancillaries like SEO services are also offered, since SEO-friendly PWAs mean better conversion rates and more traffic.

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