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With thousands of applications of the app store, it is easy to get lost. Mobile App marketing not only helps you get noticed and announce that you are there, but also assists in increased app downloads, crafting the right app launch roadmap, and enhanced app revenue. Like all other constituents of the digital marketing ecosystem, mobile app marketing is about staying connected with the user all through the lifecycle, from the idea of launching an app, to being a user and transitioning into a loyal customer.

PurpleSyntax is a premiere mobile app marketing agency that provides a holistic mobile app marketing solution including ASO optimisation, user acquisition, influencer marketing for apps, Public relations and so much more. Our focus is primarily on increasing your app users organically, and establish a loyal, high-quality user base.


Why Purplesyntax?

PurpleSyntax creates a cohesive marketing design layout, so that your mobile app can blend all the USPs of your product/service/brand and stand out. We can maximise your customer base, and increase outreach with proper highlights, and strategic branding. Users spend more time on their mobile today more than ever, and having a mobile application makes a smart, personalised impression.

Apple App Store Optimisation & Google Play Store Optimization

The average user today looks for a mobile app on the app store or play store, the way they search for a webpage on a search engine - by keying in the functions/features your app offers. This makes app search optimisation very important. We help set up, and maintain you app listings so that users can locate your app easily.

Pre-Launch Promotions

We specialise in pre-launch promotion campaigns, where your app marketing is targeted and segmented even before it goes live, so the use is waiting to download and use the features promised. This creates a buzz and increases direct engagement.

Growth Marketing

App Marketing strategies are a continuous process, and the only way is forward! In the mobile app world, new avenues emerge for monetisation, and user acquisition is not the only metric to aim at. PurpleSyntax ensures a balanced, organic and continuous growth campaign is designed that converts into visible growth.

Cost Effective Campaigns

Campaigns not only need to be targeted and segmented, but also pay per click campaigns in particular may have to be monitored or they may result in mismanagement and over spending. We have the requisite expertise and tools to keep costs low and results high.

Public Relation Services

Public relations campaigns, pre launch ads in initial days of listing can help get featured, noticed and give a huge boost. It helps a lot with awareness, and sets the momentum. This is done through collaborations, influencer marketing and social media publicity. As a top app marketing company, our expert marketeers do exactly that and craft a custom formula for you.
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Our Process

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Mobile app marketing is a wholesome strategy of how you interact with your target user all through the lifecycle - when they hear of your app, to them downloading the app, and till when they use it regularly. The process is a crafted, planned and phased approach.

Market Research

Like most processes, our process for the best app marketing strategy begins with a detailed market research. We analyse if there is a high demand, the operating system and specifications, your category competitive index, space and how other apps in a similar matrix are faring. This will give a good idea on what to expect, and which direction we should steer our campaign towards.

User base Acquisition

This is the first step where the user interacts with the mobile app. Since the primary idea behind building an app is to get as many users to use it, acquiring the customer is crucial. We use customer acquisition strategies like marketing through social media, real world incentives like giveaways, search advertising, store listings and paid promotions. These may sound easy, but in reality the marketing channel mix is quite vital, and to achieve the right acquisition it is very important that the right mix be employed. We calculate your cost per acquisition (CPA) so you have a detailed understanding and can plan business accordingly. Onboarding of the customer and further marketing efforts are strategised in this phase.

User activation

The next step after the users have their app on their device, it is important that they use it, and not abandon once they are on board. We chalk out an effective reach out, intuitive messaging strategy so we get the user’s attention through push notifications, in-app messages or message centre and banners. Once the user is activated, we formulate engagement and reengagement strategies.

User base Retention

The final and a continuous process in mobile app marketing and any other stream of digital marketing is user base retention. Metrics like the lifetime value of a customer, profitability of efforts put in, and the direction to take app in come into view. Strategies for retention include reaching out to customers who have abandoned carts if you have an e-commerce app, special customised content or sending discounts and coupons, updates on their connect and progress and so on depending on the kind of application and domain it is based on - the strategy will be different for a retail store than a gaming app. Our team of experts, with specialised app seo optimisation skills and data analytics, will provide insights of impressions created, outreach, actions taken and the overall success of the mobile app marketing with respect to the goal.

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