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Our Digital Marketing solutions are focused on personalisation. We help brands to be agile and develop deeper customer relationships to scale and achieve sustainable digital eminence.

Demonstrate persistent digital Efficiency

PurpleSyntax offers end to end digital marketing services and has dedicated teams with specialised skill sets in creative, design, Lead generation, and other core digital marketing verticals. Our digital engagement process starts with an extensive analysis of the company digital collaterals and publishes digital scorecard. We score the brand on three fundamental aspects of digital, its current state of Digital Infrastructure, Strength of Organic Identity and capability to harness the data. We believe digital is paramount for a company's customer engagement strategy and drive digital efficiency and effectiveness. Hence we deploy a balanced approach for the brand which helps to build a sustainable digital identity with SEO and drive precision marketing through paid advertising channels to convert them into real customers which eventually reduce costs and build lasting capabilities.


Personalisation and Precision marketing

Technology is shaping the way we interact and rapidly turning traditional marketing methods to be virtually obsolete. User digital footprint consists of bits and pieces of data about his interests, likes, dislikes. We help companies to be faster than ever to capitalise this information and create a market opportunity to fuel growth.

We deeply integrate our digital marketing services with the company process flow to optimise spend and personalise offers and recommendations for customers to form better relationships and boost sales and engagement. We help companies to make data-driven decisions by focusing on multiple parameters like conversion optimisation, Next product to buy analytics, Customer Analytics and Segmentation, Experimental testing and results-driven innovation and Analytics driven ecosystem.

Why Purplesyntax?

At Purplesyntax, we leverage our learnings from multiple digital disciplines and implement them throughout the web design and development process resulting in a visually stunning and performance-driven website

Original, Authentic & organic

Our approach to digital strategy development is organic first. We work with a variety of industries and domains. We believe that an organic SEO approach will help gain traction, profitable acquisitions and consistently produce results. We also analyse and understand the market you operate within, through competitor research & analysis, to build the best suited paid search campaign.

Objective, Data-driven

We integrate the best of our creative advertising and data driven analytics to deliver scaled data projects. Data visualisation dashboards, and clear metrics serve as our milestones to reach your digital marketing strategy roadmap.

Resource overhauling

Our digital marketing is sustainable, and ambient across all verticals, including Sales, support, technology development and marketing so that there is digital infusion directed at the customer at every interaction point, an every resource of the business is deployed with a digital marketing perspective.

Holistic impact with Metrics & easy Reporting

We ensure brand consistency across all platforms, and use our digital genius, and creative online marketing techniques to ensure optimal resource utilisation that reflects on conversions and metrics that speak for themselves. We provide a micro analysis and a macro impact analysis to supplement the metrics, that help move the business towards its growth objective and digital brand management.

Expert Budget Management & competitive pricing

We see the underlying economics in everything we do. Digital marketing is a vast space, and it is easy to get lost, and end up spending much more than you intended to. Our unmatched experience and knowledge help guide you towards best digital strategy at the optimal costs. Our pricing structure is flexible, with competitive digital marketing packages and pricing, powerful retainer pricing plans focussed on ROI at every level.
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Process We Follow

Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad - PurpleSyntax

Analyse & plan

When your business comes to PurpleSyntax, we value your ideas and your requirement for a space to express that business idea. We analyse and plan how the idea can be marketed to reach the target audience, identifying who the target groups are, who are your competitors in this shared space, what your USPs over them are which can be capitalised upon, and identifying gaps so as to be able to bridge them. The end result is essentially a boilerplate common to business objectives, growth projections, current marketing standing, new revenue streams and intended brand positioning.

Content Creation

We believe that content is king. Marketing as we know it, is now content consumption which makes it vital that quality content reaches the consumer. We direct our expertise towards an omni-channel approach, where the targeted consumer is immersed in relevant & valuable content that drives desirable customer action.

Brand Strategy & Target marketing

We devise a digital strategy that is concerted on a long term brand strategy and positioning, and a micro targeted market segment. We use SEO, back-links and Social media marketing that resonate with the right segments, and qualify leads into conversions.

Optimise & Remarket

Once we have our digital strategy on track, we work on optimising the digital network tools to gain and convert it into a transactional prospect. We use re-marketing campaigns and online content marketing that develop brand affinity and customer loyalty, that converts into up-selling and/or referrals. The best digital agencies in the world swear by remarketing techniques that help achieve more conversions.

Track & repeat

We consider metrics and analytics crucial that help monitor our success, identify areas that need addressing, which approach matches our projections and produced intended results, and use these metrics and analytics to draw timelines, projections, metrics, budgets, process flow, targets and accountability.

Case Studies

We take inspiration from our clients, our business acumen and deep learning capabilities


IGT (Integrated Gas Technologies) is a global leader in gas control equipment with significant presence in over 110 countries, they excel in manufacturing and marketing of LPG cylinder regulators, cylinder valves and other gas equipment accessories IGT wanted to further establish itself as a leader in LPG market in Asia & Africa...


IGT (Integrated Gas Technologies) is a global leader in gas control equipment with significant presence in over 110 countries, they excel in manufacturing and marketing of LPG cylinder regulators, cylinder valves and other gas equipment accessories IGT wanted to further establish itself as a leader in LPG market in Asia & Africa...

... ...



PurpleSyntax, has been a great digital marketing & branding partner for more than 3 years. We have worked with them for prestigious International Expo’s like AERO India Expo and Defence Expo and both of them were highly successful because of their commitment and professionalism. It’s easy to work with Rajesh as he has immense expertise on digital marketing and always comes out with a solution for any business challenge.

PurpleSyntax has been instrumental in delivering our groups university website within a short turnaround time. We were looking for a web development company who can develop our group website before admissions and, they did a commendable job transitioning thousands of pages within a quick turnaround time without any issues. As committed they delivered before deadline and Rajesh has high regard for delivering on time.


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