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With the world going digital, and digital transformation gaining traction, marketplaces and commerce has shifted to the online space. Online businesses, and consumers are growing by the second, making it more important than ever to manage and market businesses and organisations online through every available digital medium. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is by far the most effective and efficient method to reach target audiences and establish a marked online presence. SEM is a broad concept comprising of SEO, paid ads, free listings that generates momentum and directs traffic to your web page.

SEO is great, but sometimes, your page needs a booster dose - which is where PPC or Pay per click steps in. PurpleSyntax is a PPC company offers PPC campaign management, making sure you put your money in the right place when it comes to your digital marketing plan.

SEM is a complex system, and only an expert can analyse and give the perfect digital strategy, which is the optimal mix of SEO, PPC and provide a holistic, end-end marketing solution to your business. PurpleSyntax is a pioneer in this field, and with our team or experienced experts we help businesses reach their digital goals through a carefully constructed strategy that will help brand positioning, generate conversions and improve traffic.

Why Purplesyntax?


Unique Brand Identity & Creative Policy

We believe that every business is unique, and so are its needs. We help you develop your own unique Brand Identity and formulate a creative policy just for you. We use carefully constructed machine learning algorithms, so

Identifying the Right Target Audience

The primary cause of not getting returns in terms of website hits, or traffic is because a wrong target audience is chosen. We design a customised PPC campaign unique to your brand, and industry which helps you generate quality leads while being budget friendly.

High Volume, CR/CTR

Our PPC campaigns are not just targeted, but also efficient - we match offers to audience and deliver the right push ads, and premium inventory to maximise RoI and get the right marketing mix.

Increased Viewability

Our PPC ads are placement responsive, which means we take care to place ads in the most probable viewable area for the user, which increases chances of transfer.
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Our Process

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Requirements gathering and keyword research

We believe that understanding your product/service is the key to getting PPC right. We work with you, brainstorm and gather what your digital goals are, and what the best PPC ratio would be in order to generate the set goal. We make sure your website appears as results for the right searches through our thorough and proficient keyword research process

Landing page analysis & PPC testing

We analyse your existing landing page, and evaluate if your existing landing page is optimal to receive the traffic generated from the proposed PPC adverts. If required, we design and create a compatible webpage so that it suits specific conversion goals. We further set comparative pages to create test scenarios for performance of different PPC ads, and choose the best and most responsive option.

PPC targeted campaigns & remarketing

Our next step is to create a comprehensive hyper localized PPC campaign, that is targeted based on several factors like marketing a specific range, or catering to a particular segment. We also run remarketing campaigns where visitors who have visited the webpage earlier, and have shown considerable interest are guided to return to your site, thus ensuring a higher return on Investment.

Informatics and reporting

We use built-in tools to track and analyse traffic generated from various search engines or other sites where PPC campaigns are deployed. We generate reports and analytics that help you see progress, visualize goals, and forecast budgeting for the future.

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