4 Email marketing trends to be followed in 2018

4 Email marketing trends to be followed in 2018

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Posted On: 28 Nov 2017

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Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience and is not going to change at least for the coming year. 91% of all US consumers use email and 66% have bought something because of getting some email through an email marketing campaign. It is one of the major forms of content marketing in digital marketing. 

If your business is only an online business then, it is even more operate-able because unlike social media platforms that can disappear or change their algorithms anytime, email is here to stay without any major changes. This would make Company Branding easier. 2018 is to follow the same footsteps as 2017 in terms of email marketing. They will become more automated, include more videos to engage the audience, be more personalized and interactive. 

Some of the trends established in 2017 that can be taken forward in 2018 are-  

1. Automation: Small businesses, in particular can take advantage of automation if they want to stay in a competition. It helps business owners save time and money. We can also say that it is linked to consumer behavior such as filling a form or buying a product or adding it to the cart. This would generate a automated email which is more likely to be opened as it gives information about what exactly the customer wants to buy. 

2. Mobile-friendly: Almost everyone these days have a smart phone, there is a good possibility that they will be accessing their mail through the phone. This means that it is important that the email sent can be easily read on mobile device. When thinking about mobile view, keep the content short and crisp with short subject lines. Use call to action buttons and engaging preheader text.  

3. Video: Videos are by themselves explanatory. They can be quickly and easily understood, especially on mobile phones. Until recent times, many email management systems were unable to display videos but it is changing in recent times. Animated GIF’s can be used in place of video or you can even use a play button linking it your website where customers can play the video.  

4. Content: One more way to increase open rates and reduce the number of graymail you can send is to make sure you are sending the emails which the consumer wants to read. Think about your customers as an individual and write the content accordingly including their name to personalize the email. Think if they want tips and tricks or personal stories or latest deals. 

Almost 70% of customers worldwide have purchased online after getting an email. So, it is definitely worth putting some thoughts into your email marketing campaign. If you would like to make your emails stand out, contact our team of experts at Purple Syntax today.

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