Google Analytics Blind Spots That Must Be Corrected

Google Analytics Blind Spots That Must Be Corrected

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Google Analytics Blind Spots that has got to Be Corrected


Last month, we have a tendency to went through a Google Analytics list to confirm that you’ll have answers to the unforeseen questions on your site’s guests.


This month, I’m showing you wherever your Google Analytics is blind. I’m planning to show you the way to correct these blind spots so as to visualize clearly. Adding these things to our list can create life such a lot higher for North American country and our guests.

Popover Windows

You might decision them modal dialogs, overlays, lightweight boxes, popup or popovers; whichever term you utilize, they’re turning into additional and additional widespread on the online.

And they area unit invisible to Google Analytics.


We use popovers once we wish to supply data, however don’t wish our guests to lose their place on their journey through our website. we have a tendency to use them in our carts and checkouts to strengthen the sale.


So, if you needed to visualize what number of your guests thought-about free shipping vital, pursuit the amount of individuals World Health Organization open this gem would be a reasonably smart indicator.


Again, this is often invisible to Google Analytics — it doesn’t generate a replacement address, however opens on prime of associate degree existing page.


Don’t worry. we will correct that.

A Popover Is Like A New Page

Whenever somebody opens a gem, it’s extremely no totally different than clicking to a different page. So, we’ll create Google Analytics assume that these guests visited another page once they click on a gem. This has many advantages.


It may be employed in a Funnel visual image Report as a part of the acquisition path


It properly counts the pageviews per session metrics


We can see it in navigation summaries once we investigate click ways


It shows up in User Flow reports as a locality of traveler ways through the location


So, whenever somebody clicks on a button that opens a gem, we’ll tell Google Analytics that they opened a page, victimisation identical _trackPageview or pageview or command that we have a tendency to use on any page instrumented with Google Analytics. we’ll send it a pretend address – conjointly referred to as a Virtual address — that we will track in reports.


You’ll would like your developer to implement this.


I like to start out my pretend URLs with some style of ID, one thing that I will explore for within the reports. i take advantage of /overlay/ to start out off associate degree overlay address.

The next a part of this pretend address tells ME what the title of the overlay is. within the figure on top of, i’d use /free shipping/ and /100 satisfaction guaranteed/ severally.


Then, we would like to understand that page the overlay opened on. this is often accomplished identical approach we have a tendency to tracked data on our 404 page.


When we roll this into a Google Analytics decision, we get:

_gaq.push(['_trackPageview','/overlay/dialog box title/?page=' + document.location.pathname +]);


In Universal Analytics:

ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/overlay/dialog box title/?page=’ + document.location.pathname +;

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