How To Use META Keyword Tag

How To Use META Keyword Tag

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Keyword: The search term of a visitor is called keyword

Tag : This tag should contain all the keywords that you are targeting separated by comma. There should be only one meta keywords tag per webpage.

Ex: tollywood, tollywood movies, tollywood songs etc..

Ways 2 choose keywords:

1. Google

2. Keyword tool

3. Other sites

4. Trends

It should consist of anywhere around 5 – 10 keywords.

This concept is again a traditional one, google these days does not read this tag at all and will never in future.

Syntax of Meta Keywords Tag:

The … must have the keywords separated by comma. This tag is again entered between the head tags of any webpage.

Changes (html) in word press:

In the admin logged in area, go to the editor under the appearance menu on the left side, you’ll find different html editor for various parts of the webpage, edit the desired tags and save the template.

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