Instructions To Retain SEO Traffic After Website Redesign

Instructions To Retain SEO Traffic After Website Redesign

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A total website plan may be a difficult factor. At some purpose, you want to plan your website, however once you do, you run the danger of your traffic dropping off. Redesigning a website is one in all the largest SEO challenges that an organization will face.


What’s aiming to happen once the positioning is formally launched? What is going to happen with any 404s? However will the positioning perform within the search engines? What regarding existing links to nonexistent pages?


If you’re presently redesigning your website or designing on a full site overhaul within the future, here’s what you would like to know:


What should you do throughout the redesign plan process:

While you’re redesigning your website, you would like to stay some things in mind. a number of these items might not appear vital to you, however feat any of them out is a straightforward thanks to cause an enormous traffic drop.


Never take down your website:

At no purpose must you pull your previous website offline unless it has to go underneath for some minutes as you launch the new style. Once guests encounter a web site that says “sorry, we’re underneath construction” for many weeks, traffic declines before the new website goes live.


R eexamine your keyword strategy

A website plan is that the excellent time to gauge your existing keyword strategy. Take a glance at your organic keyword traffic, and decide if your website can be gaining traffic from any new long tail keywords. If so, then you ought to roll this analysis into the new website plan. you will wish to make new classes supported these keywords.


Optimize all content

You should even be reviewing content on every page before your website plan. typically things will get modified within the method. Titles ar altered; meta descriptions ar dropped; and SEO gets marginalized. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, pay shut attention to optimizing all content on all pages.


One reason why sites lose large amounts of traffic once a plan is as a result of their content has been deoptimized. This can be the other of what ought to be happening. Instead, specialize in improvement — adding content, fine-tuning page titles, and up everything you’ll.


Maintain identical URL Structure:

If you can, keep your computer address structure identical. Whenever you alter a site’s computer address structure, you lose large amounts of traffic from inward links. To remedy that, you’ll think to conduct a colossal 301 direct mapping campaign.


The biggest website launch mistake I’ve determined is neutering the computer address structure while not implementing 301 redirects.


Create a good custom-built 404 error page:

Since the new website can in all probability expertise some 404s, you ought to have associate degree optimized 404 page in situ. What several developers don’t understand is that a 404 page is a good tool for selling and/or keeping users on the positioning.


Create new sitemaps (HTML and XML):

You should perpetually have associate degree up-to-date sitemap, however it’s particularly vital for a website launch or plan. If any content has moved to new URLs, the sitemap will facilitate the programme discover these new locations.



If you follow the directions during this post, your website won’t suffer the fate that you simply see within the chart on top of. Sure, you’ll expertise alittle of fluctuation. Each website will once a plan – it’s inevitable.


I’m convinced that a careful and intentional website plan can enable you to sustain ninety fifth or a lot of your site’s existing traffic. a giant drop doesn’t ought to happen. Plus, if your website plan is extended with success and your new style is best, then you’ll truly see your traffic rise.

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