Introducing Virtual People Cards Feature on Google Search

Introducing Virtual People Cards Feature on Google Search

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Posted On: 20 Aug 2020

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What is people’s card?

Google search can be used to search about any topic. Be it images, videos, news, articles, literally anything. People’s cards on the other hand are basically virtual visiting cards. When peoples card used on Google will help create these on the search engine to help pinpoint about the user’s existing website and profiles.

people cards on google

This is applicable when searching for famous personalities. Google gives you the available information. They have panels that gather relevant information about famous personalities and put it in the system. But, what about people who aren’t really famous, or what about common people like us? It is not easy to find common people on Google, since many people might share the same name, and it is honestly hard to know who’s who on the internet.

To solve this challenge, Google has come up with a new launch called ‘People’s Cards’. As explained above these are basically virtual visiting cards that help you to highlight your existing website and also social profiles which makes it easy for people to find you online. This automatically adds an advantage to your work.

Launch and language is the latest feature that is now is only available in India but Google has no plans of expanding as of now. Also the language it is available in is English and can only be accessed on mobile. Google recently released an official statement. It states, “This new feature is aimed at helping the millions of individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed people, freelancers, or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered and help the world find them. All this can be accessed from today within India. This Peoples card will be available in English only on mobile phones"

The goal of Google Search is to make sure that whatever information people find on search is reliable and helpful. Therefore they have a variety of controls and protection panels in place to maintain the quality of information on people’s cards. The condition remains that only one person can have access to a single account on Google. It also requires a phone number to prove the authenticity of the account. Google is well equipped with various mechanisms to keep people protected from abusive or spam content.

These cards make it quite easy for common people to search other commoners. These cards can be created with help of professional digital marketing agency in Hyderabad that will help give you information regarding their profession, website, location etc. This makes it quite easy to find the relevant person through name and get more details online. Since many people share same name, there are multiple modules which will help you distinguish them from each other and find the one that you’re looking for.

How to create People Card on Google search?

Let’s talk about how to create people card on Google. To create one, it is essential to submit your people card on Google having relevant and authentic information. It will therefore help people to search for you and discover your card on Google.

1. Things that you require to build one is:

  • An Android or iOS phone, or iPad/tablet.
  • A personal Google account
  • Mobile browser or Google Search App
  • Web and App activity turned on.

2. Creating people card:

people cards on google ganesh reddy aleti

It is important for users to know that Google does not guarantee that your card will show up on its search. But the more information you provide, the more are chances that it will show up on Google search.

  • On your device open or open the Google search application.
  • You can search ‘Add me’ to Google or ‘Edit’ my people card.
  • The top search results, there will be an option to add yourself Google search. Click get started.
  • There will be fields to fill out your information. Share the information that you want the public to know. Fields include summary and profession.
  • At the bottom end, click ‘Preview’. This will show you how your people’s card will look like if accessed.
  • If satisfied, then click ‘Submit’.


Setting up and publishing the card may take up to a few hours for Google search to show your people’s card. It is highly essential to keep your card distinguishable from others. Using of SEO services in Hyderabad will help you insert essential keywords. This will make it easy for others to find you.

1. How does one distinguish their people’s card from the other?

Here are a few guidelines for you to follow to make your people’s card different from the rest.

  • It is essential for you to know that the information you include should only be about yourself and no one else. If you end up submitting context that doesn’t say who you are, what you do then Google will end up removing your people’s card. It is important to go through user content policy so that no rules are violated.
  • Keep the information updated. Google might not show your people’s card if you don’t keep updating and verifying information. Google will identify the content that violates it terms and conditions. It is highly important to work through the terms and conditions because if repeated wrong or violated attempts are made then it might limit of cancel your access to this service.

2. Guidelines for People card

  • Authentic information
  • The information that you put up on your people card should be a true representation of you. It should clearly state about you and no one else. The name used should be what others would search if they search for you. The profile image should be clear and in anyway should not be confusing nor misleading the audience who search for you. It should not give any indication of you being someone else or represent an organization which you do not represent.
  • Should not contain any type of advertising material. Avoid using words like ‘Best’, ‘Cheap’ etc.
  • It should definitely not include any derogatory or negative words. There should be no comparing of two organizations or workers or products. Nothing should be described beyond your affiliation.
  • It should be written keeping in mind not to hurt others sentiments. Do not use text or images that you have no rights to use. It should be well within the respectful rights or others that includes intellectual property and privacy rights.
  • It should in no way promote hate or violence or any unlawful behavior. It should not contain any inappropriate or vulgar language and in no way defame others on the site.

3. Beneficiaries of this feature

people cards on google benefits

Let’s talk about who will benefit from this feature. At large it clearly shows that it is only beneficial to businesses. But, that’s not true. This card is beneficial to various influencers, bloggers, self-employed people, employers, freelancers etc. As this a makes visitors or users easy to find you and also find relevant information about you, they are confident that the information they have is true and authentic. This brings in confidence when they employee you or look forward to work with you. Therefore People’s Card is a huge feature to help you boost your career and also adds to making the process of finding information about a common man easy.

People’s Card is a virtual visiting card that helps commoners find other commoners online. This helps you find accurate information about the person you’re looking for. It is beneficial to various kinds of businesses, bloggers, individuals, etc. This is the first step towards helping people grow their business and as of now, this app is only available in India and in the English language. This could also be a trial feature to see how much could this be expanded. Google automatically dismisses fake and unauthentic accounts.

This is honestly a quite big opportunity to be registered online and allow people to find you.

Digital marketing company in Hyderabad will enable an individual to push their names online by updating their information on a timely basis. It is highly essential to provide apt information to help people find you and your business.

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