Latest Outsourcing Trends of 2018 for Rising Companies

Latest Outsourcing Trends of 2018 for Rising Companies

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Posted On: 10 Jul 2018

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Despite the best of the labor skills available, there is always a question mark about the future sustainability. There is a big worry about automation of jobs which might no longer exist in future. Well, the tech world is putting its steps towards outsourcing. These shifts in the global tech landscape will definitely bring different level of expectations and support infrastructure, for both enterprises and outsourcing companies.

These trends will bring change in IT and business sectors in 2018. Let’s see some growth level expectations and predictions. Here are a few:

1.   Decrease in the count on Working centers

The financial difficulties with the growing population and tough competition among industries, is one of the biggest reasons for struggle. But good times can be again seen through outsourcing. With this, labor costs and burden of giving salaries to employees, can be minimized. Outsourcing partnership take form of joint ventures with the existing IT offshore companies. With this collaboration, the offshore partner is able to manage career growths and salaries, while the business controls delivery and security. This way higher productivity can be achieved.

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2.   Smarter partnerships

There is a need of partner who can understand the needs of the companies as well as a provide a vision which can help them achieve their future goals. For this, the partner must be skilled enough to cater all this at technical level along with the transparency in working style. This cuts down the overheads of taking support from abroad due to lack of skills and budget.

3.   Increased focus on values and less on cost

Well, cost was always a factor in the need of outsourcing. But now, people have started focusing more on the value of services provided by these firms. Now they expect services to be delivered on time, no matter what the cost is. This quality helps to enhance the company’s profile and provides a good level of satisfaction to the clients.

4.   Multiple skill set

As the businesses are getting driven by technology, the demand for highly skilled IT professionals has increased. This is eventually resulting in making the companies as outsources of IT roles.

You can now easily find people with expertise in different fields like mobile, open source, etc. The demand of soft skills has also increased along with the ongoing demand of the Hard IT skills. These soft IT skills include teamwork, communication, leadership, which all together contribute to the overall success.

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With the increased adoption of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), a lot of companies are turning to outsourcing service providers, so as to bestow scalable solutions to the increasing problems.

Providing a great customer experience in an extremely challenging process that requires great knowledge, impactful system, processes and talented people. With the increasing customer expectations, a new set of company norms and standards keep updating. Well, not many companies have ample resources to deal this with the available internal resources, so there comes the need of outsourcing, which has become an eminent building block in strategy planning. Hope 2018 marks the beginning to promising growth to industries and even for the years to come.

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