Latest Trends in Digital Marketing for 2018

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing for 2018

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Posted On: 24 Apr 2018

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Now is the time to set goals based on the experiences of last year’s performance in Digital Marketing. It’s always challenging but sometime trying out different things can give tremendous results. Let’s discuss in brief a few of them!


1.   Video:


Like always, Videos are definitely the rulers! It communicates a lot about your business, the way you want to. It creates your presence is literal terms. It could be good or bad. But at least people take out time to watch & judge. Even a small video is worth a million words & can bring big changes in the existing performance.


Nowadays, it is almost like a trend to broadcast even the small event, live. This tool can be used efficiently to engage more and more people.


You can devise a monthly plan to upload videos on a regular basis, on Social Media platforms, your website, Google, Advertising on YouTube and a lot more. Your Video Marketing aim should be to engage as many customers as you can. For that, make an eye-catching, good quality video which can leave an impression.

video marketing

2.   Influencer! A big hope:


Mostly, now a days,majorly all businesses are relying upon Digital Marketing for promotion. This has actually resulted in a huge competitive scenario and surviving in such atmosphere is taxing.


One of the key marketing techniques is Influencer Marketing. Although it is not easy, neither it can be fruitful for all natures of businesses but for those who can, it is really worth the effort. It definitely requires money and good deal on connection, but the outcome is great.


With the increase boom of social media followers, a lot of people have started adopting for influencers. This year looks to be the year of Influencer Marketing. So hold on them & promote your business!


3.     Chatbots:


We are lucky to be living in an era of Artificial Intelligence. Neither would it be surprising to know that humans soon might get replaced by robots.


Jokes apart! Well, this concept of robotic chats has definitely set a very high bar for the tech industry. With chatbots, physical humans is no more required to tackle customers. These chatbots are efficient& clever enough to take care of that. This is really a smart approach for marketing your business. It can solve big problems & even counsel the customers without any extra hand. It can increase customer engagement to a great extent.


Influencer Marketing

4.   Storytelling:


Marketing is no longer about what you make, but about the stories you tell. Storytelling is a very powerful medium to express your vision and a platform where you can paint on a blank canvas with the colors of your choice. You can inspire people by enlightening them with your business model. Your story should be to the extent that people become willing to pay you money to buy your product. Resonate the stories that can transform people according to your desires. This way you can also develop an emotional connect with larger audiences. Storytelling has become like a fashion now among all age groups. So don’t lose the opportunity to create manoeuvers in this planet of competitors.


5.     Blogging:


The art of writing has been prevalent from centuries and still one of the major marketing tools. The passion to write is increasing day by day among people. More than writing, it’s a platform to showcase your creative skillsused in expressing your thoughts. It is a marketing tool of all times. Blogging is basically a skill to write about something, could be your business or your product, or anything and sharing it on the web. There are so many websites where you can actually publish your content and promote your business. Now, how you deliver your content, how much is your strength to reach out people, is definitelya challenge. There is undoubtedly a huge competition, but it is not something which cannot be achieved.So Keep Writing! It is just unstoppable and promising.


Hope this article help create a visual path in your mind for your business that can lead you to set this year’s goals. Marketing is nothing but a mix a several such techniques to great results and the synergy evolved by applying these skills is beyond any other effort. Hope Digital Marketing in 2018 shows you flying colors!

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