PPC and SEO Are Better When Used Together

PPC and SEO Are Better When Used Together

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Many people approach SEO and PPC as fully separate methods. And whereas they’re totally different in some ways, it are often useful to think about SEO and PPC as being 2 sides of identical coin: There area unit some ways within which SEO and PPC efforts complement one another, and cause a lot of victorious search strategy. Think about these eight ways in which build a coordinated SEO and PPC strategy bigger than the add of its elements.

1. Visibility

The most obvious good thing about combining SEO and PPC efforts is adscititious exposure on the computer program results pages (SERPs). Purchasers area unit typically tempted to scale back PPC efforts once an exploration term ranks much loved. However, it is vital to recollect that the highest 2 or 3 results on most SERPs area unit PPC ads. Dominating the organic and paid search results can greatly increase traffic, and provides the impression that you are a longtime presence during a specific market.

2. Share Keyword information

Simultaneously running organic and PPC campaigns offers you double the information to investigate. Confirm that organic and PPC keywords have the best conversion rate, and use that info to optimize your overall strategy.

3. Use Best acting PPC Ad Copy to tell Your Organic Content Strategy

What works for PPC typically works for SEO. By deciding that PPC ads end in the foremost conversions, you will have a decent plan the way to produce title tags, Meta descriptions and page content for the pages that you simply wish to rank organically. The good thing about victimization PPC ads to check page attributes is that the immediacy of the results. You may recognize pretty quickly what works and what does not, whereas organically testing titles and meta will take an extended time.

4. Integrate E-Commerce Feeds into Adwords Results

Google is doing a little pretty cool things once it involves e-commerce. You’ll be able to currently link specific product pages to PPC ads. The ad can feature the merchandise, typically with reviews, and can take the user on to the merchandise page, wherever an acquisition are often created. This can be good thanks to provide your existing e-commerce efforts a lift.

5. Use website Search information to tell PPC Keywords

The main goal of PPC advertising is to work out that keywords your customers use to seek out your product or service. Sanctionative website search on your web site, and analyzing the terms that area unit often used, will provide valuable insight into your customers’ desires and search habits.

6. Combat Negative PR

Occasionally, somebody can say one thing negative regarding your company. It happens, and once it will, combined PPC and SEO efforts are often nice control. The principle is comparable to the primary purpose during this list: visibility. You’ll be able to guide the speech a lot of effectively if you management the SEO and PPC results for an explicit term. A good example was seen throughout the Gulf oil spill. For a few time afterwards, BP procured PPC ads joined to the keyword ‘oil spill.’ The PPC ad light-emitting diode to a page on BP’s website regarding the cleanup effort. They wished to create certain that whenever somebody searched ‘oil spill,’ BP’s PPC ad was at the highest of the list. Use this system to assist tell your aspect of the story.

7. Social Media Visibility

The social media landscape is dynamic dramatically, and a part of that amendment has been the emergence of extremely targeted advertising opportunities. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube (owned by Google) will cater ads targeted to implausibly specific teams of individuals. Victimization Facebook user profile info, it’s doable to indicate a poster solely to twenty two year olds living in Kansas town WHO have an interest in motorcycles and gardening. It’s going to be a little cluster, however it’s precise. The information that you simply collect from these campaigns could uncover granular details regarding your audience, and facilitate refine your overall SEO strategy.

8. Take a look at Strategic Organic Keywords with PPC

PPC ads area unit a good thanks to refine your organic keyword strategy. As your long run organic keyword strategy evolves, take a look at the conversion rate of the words you wish to rank for with PPC ads. you will get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the organic keywords you are when, and might fine tune your strategy consequently.

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