Purpose of Website Audit

Purpose of Website Audit

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Posted On: 19 Jul 2019

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Every company accounts requires a yearly audit, the same applies for websites as well. SEO audit will help you analyse everything related to website in terms of search visibility. It provides a clearer picture as to why your website is unable to generate enough traffic which in turn reflects on your sales.

With changes all over the search engines and their search results, companies need to analyse what went wrong and how to fix it. There are times when even multiple changes in the site does not yield the required profits. All one needs is a comprehensive auditing service that offers feedback from technical issues to content and everything in between. It will help lay an outline as to what fails to achieve a perfect website.

Measure effectiveness

If you have performed audit services from outside or have an in-house consultant, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of the website. Initial website audit will chalk down all the metrics which can be compared to the old audits. This will help determine the effectiveness of the site. For example, adding keywords can change the performance of the site. Once you optimize the site the newly added keywords go up the scale. SEO companies in Hyderabad can analyse how the site has been trending since then by comparing with your previous audits.

Finding the weak links

The keywords and its placement play an important role in the search engines. As Google ranks your site based on different levels of performance, website audit helps you determine the technical performance, content quality, keyword placement, Meta descriptions and even look out for opportunities that would help generate revenues. Auditing helps in looking out for profitable areas that company can focus on. It could be in terms of visibility, keywords, speed and other factors. Once the weak areas are been pointed out, companies can work in the given direction to make the enterprise profitable.

Protects Privacy Data

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As part of our website development, we collect sensitive information about customer data like name, number and address, in no way it should compromise on the data privacy. With the help of audits, you can scan network requests and check whether they contain personally identifiable information (PII). Once you scan the network, you will be aware whether the customer data is being leaked in any manner. Tags is another factor to be considered during SEO audits. These audits help you determine if your site contains any tags. Companies designing websites may have employed their tags without your awareness. Finding these unknown tags is the way to check for PII. SEO audits helps in doing so as they get you to scan the network requests and point out the tags if any.

User experience

Website Development Company is all about positive user experience. Once the visitor likes the site he/she might even consider of a purchase of a product/service. With a broken site or missing pages, users get easily turned off and wouldn’t stay for long. Website audit helps by testing the following

Bad links

Broken features which could be in login pages, shopping cart, creating account or even during checkout. 

404 page purplesyntax

 404-error pages is commonly seen for websites

SEO audit helps in testing the above features and ensures that your site has the key features. They look in that each page has correct tags, keywords, good content, meta descriptions and much more.

There are various automated SEO audit tools for website that could do the job. But these tools do not provide complete analysis. ‘Woorank’, ‘What Is Your SEO Score’ or ‘Get Your Free Website Analysis’ are few such tools that are commonly used to get a website audit. These tools are of low level and are no way a true representation of the website health.

A real Website Audit helps by providing the real summary of the website. It locates any discrepancies and also suggests ways to improve them. This improves the effectiveness and visibility on the search engine results providing exceptional online growth. 

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