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Social media marketing is nothing but getting traffic through different social media sites. Social media networks are the new channels for your brand, content to make new and existing users to come across your site. A user would be aware of your brand when they find it in multiple networks. A brand becomes more famous because of the interaction between the users and the business through the social media platforms.

There have been many changes in the social media marketing trends, new technologies have been launched on every social network. As most of the marketers are making social media marketing their main marketing strategy, they need to get updated to the new marketing trends. Here are some most updated significant marketing trends. They are:

  • Video content expansion
  • Chat bots for better CRM
  • Smartphone’s
  • New network trends

Let us have a brief of these trends,


Now a day’s video traffic has increased drastically. Some of the reports state that 70% of the consumer traffic was video traffic. So, many of the marketers have started using the video content to make their business rank high. To meet the expectations of the marketers, social networking sites have launched new features to the video content.

CHAT BOTS FOR BETTER CRM(customer relation management):

CRM is an important element for a successful business. It helps the business in social media.

Chat-bots make real time engagement with the customers. Chat-bots are nothing but instant messaging apps. They provide efficient services to the customer anytime. They are quicker in responding to the questions.


Smartphone’s and social media is a perfect combination. Usage of mobiles has increased now days. Mobile users should be key priority to your business. As the mobile traffic has also increased.


Knowing the changes in the social media is essential to every marketer. Keeping that in view and posting your business blogs in the social media is very beneficial to your business. Some of the social media platforms are snap chat, we chat, vine etc…  

Based upon some of these new trends, with the usage of new technologies in the social networks we could get more users, traffic and conversions to our site.

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