Advanced SEO Techniques to Use In 2019

Advanced SEO Techniques to Use In 2019

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Posted On: 27 May 2019

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Traditional Digital Marketing practices have been prevailing for years now but when you think of incorporating an x-factor in your marketing strategies, you have to detail out the entire process. As the year 2019 marks its beginning, there is a lot of hope and scope for the Digital marketers. Below is the list of some advanced techniques that can help to leverage the businesses in the competitive digital market. Let us discuss the six key factors that can really bring about change in your regular business working.

1. Survey

Advaced SEO Techniques 2019

Every business aspires to be on the top in the Google search results and Google wants to rank those pages that are the best for the users. To achieve Google’s level of ranking, it is always advised to do a proper survey to know your potential users and their likes & dislikes. This will to create the best user experience because Google ranks the pages by deciding what is best for the users. The best way to know this is by doing surveys. By adopting that in your content, product and services, you are more likely to get the traffic from Google because you are creating the best user experience. Google has the metrics tool through which it monitors how many people are coming to your website and how many are just exiting by clicking the back button. It also monitors how much time a person is spending on the website, what are the bounce rates, page views per visitor, load time, etc. Keeping a close check on these factors and giving the best user experience, will certainly help you to improve conversions as well as rankings in the Google search 

2. Leverage Schema Mark-up

Use efficient tools to manage the review and rating section which you see in the Google search. If you are using WordPress, there are several plugins that do this job at the utmost level.

3. Expansion of popular pages

Not all the pages in the website rank good in the search console despite writing the best of content and putting enormous efforts. But usually, there are some that do really well in attracting the traffic. Pick up those pages and work more in detail to expand those pages by adding more keywords related to the ones that are already written in the page for which the page is ranking. You really need to customize the website often. You can ask you web developer to do this job regularly or look for Web Development Company in Hyderabad for the best results.

4. Setting up interlinks

Setting Internal Links

 All the webpages or the business pages are important in the website, but if only some are ranking well then start giving internal links to the weaker web pages so that their ranks can be improved.

5. Advanced animated info graphics

Using animated clips in the web content attracts more users and increases the readability of the content. This also facilitates a good number of sessions, improves the bounce rates and increases the user average time on pages.

6. Cut the dead away

Sometimes, there are certain pages on the website that do not contribute at all in the SEO of the website and also they do not contain important content. Make a list of those pages and see if you can remove those pages from the website and just keep the quality pages. This will help to optimize the website and give better results.

Using these advanced strategies for better optimization need a technical skill set. SEO services in Hyderabad have really given great results and improved the business performance for several. All you need is to start following these advanced SEO strategies to start getting love from Google.

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