Current Digital marketing Tools that can help scale up your Business

Current Digital marketing Tools that can help scale up your Business

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Posted On: 20 Jan 2018

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Digital marketing has seen lot of changes in the way of conducting business since it was introduction. It’s a known fact that every company wants to create a strong digital presence today and age along with thorough traditional marketing. Especially for Start-ups, as they are usually on a budget crunch, they prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing strategies since it is more cost-effective with a higher ROI (Return on investment).

Apart from that, it is easier to connect to today’s generation through digital media as they are scrolling through their smart phones looking for newer and more fascinating content. Today, everyone is updated about all the new social media trends and often go by online reviews before considering buying it.

Thus, the initial digital marketing strategies of a business can make or break their reputation. We have mentioned below, some tools that can help start-ups pace up with the continuing shift from offline to online through digital media.

1.)   Google Analytics -

A free application by Google which helps to track traffic on the website and helps users to analyze the online campaign. It helps to track the landing page quality, conversion of leads and evaluate poor performing pages. One can also track visitor’s geographical location and time spent on the website. Start-ups can review their online campaigns, the performance of their website and formulate the necessary changes.


2.)   Mail Chimp –

Email Marketing is the top ranking digital marketing strategies available from among all the strategies. It is advisable to start connecting with your customers through emails. When you start out you may have very less subscribers therefore, you can use mail chimp to send block emails for free of cost and engage your customers.  It helps you to keep your customers in the loop and educate them about any new product or services.


3.)   Hootsuite –

Maintaining social media profiles is a necessity to gain success by updating them frequently to engage customers. HootSuite helps you to schedule posts on multiple social media profiles all at once. Using a dashboard, it gives you the freedom to handle over 30 platforms at once. Thus reduces the tiresome task of posting individually on each and every platform.


4.)    Canva -

A free graphic designing website with prefabricated layouts ranging from visiting cards to sale banners. When agencies begin to develop, outsourcing graphic designing can get expensive and burn a hole in pocket. This tool helps professional as well as beginners to make creatives from million fonts, photographs, icons, etc.


5.)   Keyword Planner –

With so much of competition, every startup would want to rank on the first page of search engines. This is a Google tool which helps you to generate keywords and ad group ideas. Using appropriate keywords can help you trend your ad campaigns. Startups can use this for their benefit to rank higher than their competitors.


6.)   Facebook Adverts –

Chosing your audience, geographical area, layout and various other details is one of the most important things while creating an ad. You have to choose from various budget ranges. This tool will help you to plan your pay per click advertisement by giving you individual statistics of each post. It helps you measure the overall response which tells you which ad is working with which demographics.


These tools can help you to manage and measure your digital media presence. Being a startup such tools can help you create a roar with small budget.

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