Google algorithm that every SEO needs to be aware of

Google algorithm that every SEO needs to be aware of

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Posted On: 11 Mar 2020

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Every day thousands of websites are being created who work towards providing the best of information to searchers. All this and much more work is done to appear on one of the most reputed search engine.

Google is one of the highest rated search engine who works constantly on improving its service. Known for producing relevant results and positive user experience, it regularly brings in updates. These updates change the search algorithm. The algorithms are being constantly updated which could either be minor tweaks or major ones that would shake up the SERPs. All the websites working towards boosting their ranking on the search engine should be aware of these algorithms. With every Google algorithm update, the SEO Company in Hyderabad will adjust and come into action. These curative checks performed by Google keep the quality of the content in check. Adjustments are implemented in such a way that quality content appears on top of the search engine results.Few of the known judges that have been implemented are Panda, pigeon, Penguin and more.


BERT is one of the latest algorithms brought in by Google. This update is more conversational and user friendly. It understands the long queries using keywords. Even prepositions like ‘in’, ‘for’, ‘to’ and all taken care of when used in queries by users. In other words, Google doesn’t not follow every word and instead understands the context intention users have in mind. Thus it can now show results for every query irrespective of the sentence formation or wrong spelling used.

Google Panda

Google Panda update

Known algorithm of Google is Panda. This algorithm evaluates the quality of the content on the website. If the content is of higher quality it will automatically trace and place the website on top of the search engine results. Google Panda optimizes your website and ranks it according to the content quality. To achieve higher ranking, avoid:

  • Duplicate text
  • Useless content
  • Spam content
  • Spinning of articles

Google Penguin

Google Penguin algorithm

Google Penguin works on same line as Panda. As links form unusual sources carries a negative impact on the website ranking, Google Penguin plays a role of pointing out those links.

It indexes the website using the valuable external links that the site would have. This algorithm works effectively in cases when website shares similar content web pages or when back-links of your site belong to a different domain.There are various other factors that triggers Penguin.

Buying links - Google webmasters guidelines strictly adheres to the rules of not buying links in exchange of money. If done so, Penguin spots those links and ranks your web page towards the end.

Low quality links- Penguin also spots the pages if the content is of low quality or irrelevant to the linked page. Web developers can control or get rid of the links that harm the page ranking.

Keywords- you would enter the Panda territory of you use irrelevant keywords or just stuff your page with unnatural use of words. Just to appear on the top of the search engine results, you cannot stuff keywords and make irrelevant sentences.

Lack of text- lack of text inside the content page is another factor that will set Penguin off. Back links inside the text will affect the quality of your link profile.

Google Pigeon

Google uses two different algorithms- one for local search whereas the other for traditional search. This divided approach appear less search results than usual. Using Google Pigeon, it ranks the website based on the location of the business from that of the user. This update has no way to resolve from the website developer point of view. This brings in a relief for users who are looking for a service at your locality. Thus your website will appear in the top search results.

You still need to make sure of using apt keywords along with the correct location for Google to track. Add on text, images and videos of your location for better knowledge. Focus on creating high quality content and using valuable keywords. This will help drive more traffic. Also optimizing the site on mobile devices will help in better ranking. As many users are currently switching to using search engines over smartphones, if your web site is mobile friendly it will load sooner and provide meaningful information.  For local SEO, you need to focus on providing realistic customer reviews and ratings. Genuine ratings and testimonials will help improve rankings. Google My Business is yet another way that would help list your business. Include NAP citations in all the above and on your own website. Google’s main aim is to provide quality content to its users eliminating duplication and bad links. With its latest major and minor update they can eliminate such bad acts and rank only genuine content. All the above algorithm updates have covered every loophole that web owners could do to rank higher in a wrong way.

Digital marketing company in Hyderabad focuses on improving the back-links department if the issue lies there. You can do it alone by simply scanning your web page through Back-link check quality tool and allow your local SEO Company to focus on areas that are responsible for pushing your web page at the back. 

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