Tips for choosing a reliable SEO Firm for your Business

Tips for choosing a reliable SEO Firm for your Business

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Posted On: 04 Apr 2020

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SEO or search engine optimization is the optimization of your online content present on your website such that your website shows up in a prominent position in the search results for a given set of search keywords, queries or topics. Search engines, such as Google, perpetually refurbish their search algorithms to honour good quality and website relevant content, and penalize those try to scam the search engines by stuffing their websites with irrelevant keywords, poor quality links and content.

In most layman terms, it is the process of getting traffic on your website from these search results. And in today’s competitive market, SEO is all the more important than ever. Search engines process millions of user queries per day by providing solutions to users problems. And you could say it is not just a need but a necessity to rank higher than your competitors online even if your work is related to offline footfalls.

The process of SEO is not as simple as it sounds. Hence, many small businesses are opting for SEO agencies to improve their presence online to reach to a larger audience. And the choice of SEO Company is as complex as the world of Search Engine Optimization itself.

What SEO success looks like?

SEO success

 Tips to hire a Reliable SEO company 

1.    Realistic Offerings 

Go for companies who offer much realistic results and do not use the word “guarantee”. If it sounds too good to be true, it possibly is. SEO is a process which is always advancing and no one has the ability to guarantee rankings as the search algorithms are beyond any agency’s control.


2.    Age of the Agency                                                           

It is a must to look at how long the company has been in business. The period from when a company has been launched in the market to running till date, indicates the level of their experience in the field. Companies that have serviced many clients in multiple industries have deeper experience to know what works and what doesn’t.


3.    Case- Studies, client referrals and online reviews 

Case studies are testimonials of a company which talk about their results.A good SEO company should have all the case studies ready on-hand and should be more than happy to show them to you. These case studies highlight their work and give detailed insights of their performance, validating their expertise and skills. Closely related people to a company, knowledge and process them and give online reviews or act as referrals. This also shows their past performances and could be considered as a major deciding factor.


4.    White-Hat Practices 

Make a note of the type of strategies a company use and have them explain it to you in terms that you are able to understand. Any strategies that hint to be manipulative or unethical should trigger a concern. Companies which have no problem answering to your questions and explaining in-depth of their strategies would be ethical and good to go ahead with.

5.    Detailed SEO Metrics 

SEO Metric

It is important to make sure that the company that you choose to work with has a clear method of charting your progress once you get started. In other words, you should have access to data which shows the metrics of the right techniques adopted for SEO on your website and also track the wrong Key Performance Indicators. Here are a few of the most important positive KPIs to consider:

·      Organic sessions – Number of people who visit your website through organic search and other major factors like the average number of page views, duration per visit, number of unique visitors, and bounce rate.

·      Conversion rate - Percentage of visitors who buy your product or sign up for your newsletter or engage with your content.

·      Keyword rankings – The list of keywords you rank for and, overall, add new keywords in the existing list for higher rankings on a larger list of keywords.

·      Google crawling mistakes - Google crawling is the process where a Google bot comes to your website to index your website’s content. If your websites content is not clear to Google, it won’t be able to index in a way that shows up in search results, thus, negatively impacting your organic traffic.

·      Page load time - The time your web page takes to load is directly proportional to how quickly people will leave your website increasing the bounce rate.


Raise Red Flags to an SEO agency that makes certain promises or assertions. The top things to look out for that help you detect a bad SEO agency:

1.    Over or under priced services

A low quote will buy you a low quality of work and a high price will not be given by any company who is aware of quotations going on in the market. A good SEO agency with a high reputation will give a reasonable price.

2.    Black Hat Practices

A company that uses black hat techniques will damage your website’s performance online so much that you may never regain the reputation and your website may be removed from search results. Thus not being visible to your target clients.

3.    False promises

Any company that promises you overnight rankings or guaranteed rankings should be marked as an immediate red flag. Search ranking algorithms are refined repeatedly by Google and speeding up this process is impossible.

4.    Multiple Search Engine Submissions

A well-done website do not need to be submitted to all the major search engines. In fact, over-submitting of a site to search engines will actually pull your rankings down.

5.    Large number of back linking’s

The search engines will actually punish and even blacklist websites that build links too quickly and with irrelevant sites. Instead, a site should earn quality inbound links over time.

SEO is essential to your business, and choosing a reliable SEO firm is, too.

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