How to improve website speed optimization and its importance

How to improve website speed optimization and its importance

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Posted On: 01 Jul 2019

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Website speed is all about how fast the website loads when someone manually types the URL or simply clicks the link mentioned. Average load speed across the companies and other countries is around 8.65 percent which is the much more than the recommended load time. When a viewer clicks the link, it should direct to the page and open up within less than 5 seconds. A study conducted by Akami, found that around three quarter of web users would not return to a web page if their experience takes more than four seconds to load. Any longer than 5 seconds makes them frustrated and prepares them to click on the other links. 

Website Speed Optimization

Website speed optimization takes you ahead of the competitors which will also help improve the Google ranking. As they say content is the king, similarly, the website optimization is also the master. For SEO it is essential that the site loads faster in order to reach the first page of Google search engine. Based on the loading time of the sites, Google ranks them and presents them before the audience. As a result, you get more traffic which can be leads that can help you convert into quality customers. This will help generate revenue and sales.

A slow loading website can cause loss of customers as people are not too patient to wait for more than 10 seconds for the webpage to load. This creates a possibility that they might return and jump to the competitor’s link. Making sure that the site loads quickly will help generate potential customer and also increase the visibility on the search engines.

Importance of website speed optimization:

Companies build website to bring in traffic. The site is fuelled with data about the company, products and services they have to offer and the customer base. All this data can be directed to the right audience given that SEO allows you to attract the traffic using organic Google search engine.

Once the content is developed and the traffic is generated, next step is to convert that traffic into sales. For a positive lead generation, companies need to have the right data of the customers. Visitors can drop down their email ID, contact number and address with which companies can follow up and convert them into sales.

Once the customer data is generated, it’s time to convert them into sales by providing good experience. Website speed optimization plays an integral part in generating sales. To yield positive results in terms of views and conversations, companies need to provide them with good user experience. This will help in building a good brand image which eventually sets up a strong customer base. Imagine a website with excellent content, presentation with a low speed. As it takes a long time to load, there is a possibility of losing customers and they wouldn’t bother to wait and read the content. Thus there is a loss of revenue there.

How to improve?

In order to improve the rankings, companies can branch out an option of mobile site. Studies show that two third of smart phone users access the web using their gadget. This upward trend allows people to access mobile versions of eCommerce sites. This will also allow them to use the mobile version which will load quickly than the traditional web versions.

G zip compression

Companies can also use G ZIP compression tools in order to not give away the big images that usually take a long time to load. G ZIP allows you to reduce the size of the file without compromising on the quality of the image. These are few ways in which companies can speed up their website and look for ways to generate sales. 

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