How will Google page experience update affect the webmasters?

How will Google page experience update affect the webmasters?

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Posted On: 18 Jul 2020

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Google is always on a run to perform better. With their in-house site designers they bring innovative changes to their site. The latest being the Google Page Experience update. This update is an algorithm that will rank the web pages based on customer experience over the site. Planned to be rolled in 2021, this update encompasses the existing metrics and will rank sites accordingly. This includes Core Web Vitals, HTTP ranking boosts, safe browsing and Page speed.

This Google update experience is more than the usual metrics. It will rank a website on a higher platform if it offers the best user experience. The content on the platform will also be equally important along with the old metrics being considered equal. But Google rankings are expected to affect if they do not offer good and interactive user experience. This update will take six months to roll out, giving enough time for online marketers and SEO’s to strategize their web page.

What will this New page experience consist?

Core web vitals

Google page user experience is an addition to the existing metrics. It will revolve around the user based experience based on the interaction over the website. Using the aspects like Safe browsing, web vitals and mobile friendliness, Google will analyse the customer experience. There are sites that appear to be clumsy with tiny words making users frustrated and leave the web page. Fewer sites also only offer desktop version making it unable for mobile users to view. Even sites taking time to load, pop up advertisements or any such activity making the user experience will be badly affected once this version is been rolled out in 2021. This calls for appointing digital marketing services in Hyderabad to ix the required problems.

All this makes the user frustrate making them shift to other websites for content. Thus, the focus is on improving the overall experience and not only focusing on the layout of the content.

How will this update affect?

This new update will be focusing on more factors. Primarily it will focus on the experience of the user. This will impact the ranking on the search engine platform. For sites taking loading time more than 10 seconds will lose out on the visitors. Even sites entertaining frequent guest ads or opting for pop up ads or take up screen site dominated by ads will also lose out on the ranking. This update will make sites focus on content as well as the overall usability of the site. Webmasters need to make sure that the site matches the existing update metrics as well.

How to prepare the web page as per Google page experience update?

There is no perfect step by step list that will help sites optimize as per Google experience update. But optimizing page one by one will leave webmasters higher chances of achieving best user experience. Websites having more pages will have more content this leaves sites with more chances of ranking higher. Though fewer pages might have low user experience it will not affect the overall standing of the site on the page.

1.    Check on your site speed

Google page speed insights

Longer the page takes time to load, the larger the bounce rates will be. Start by self-testing by checking for your site on Google Page Speed Insights or Google Search Console. With the recommended elements, you can choose to optimize your site. A good web development company in Hyderabad will work on providing excellent hosting server which will primarily focus on speed and fix the latency problems.

2.    Website design

Website design is not only concerned with the aesthetics of the site but takes the site to another level. A well designed site should have a combination of good content and design. A website builder will enable building a website that will not ease visitors to look for content but also make it easy for webmasters to manage. With varied themes, webmasters can choose a simple theme or something that goes with the content theme. Along with a simple theme it is essential to have a clearer web design. This makes navigation easier for visitors. Web site builders also recommend use of social media platforms along with a comment or chat session. In addition to this, web site should also be mobile friendly. This will bring in more visitors due to the availability of smart phones.

3.    Observing competitor sites

Keep your competitors’ sites in check. Thus you need to observe the competitor sites, the intuitive web design they choose to adapt. Observing competitor sites does not mean to create a replication of the competitor, but to view and learn from their experiences. You can also look and learn for their designed web strategies.

4.    Check web security concerns

Web issues are a major concern for any web owner. A site that is hacked will be harmful not only for the web owners but also for visitors and the computer used. If the owner is aware of any malware issue, it needs to be fixed at the earliest as this will impact the user page experience. This experience will be used by Google and ultimately affect the rankings on the site.

For a good user experience, it is essential to protect visitor’s personal information. Keeping hackers away is one way to provide an excellent user experience. This will built trust within your customers and they will consider it safe to browse which will rank your site better.

5.    Use ads efficiently

Ads on a good website will promote visitors to the site keep them engaged. This will enhance user experience. But it is important to note that the ads shouldn’t distract the visitors from the actual content. It should be placed smartly and be in relevant to the content and site. Only ads that add value to the site need to be considered. Another factor that needs to be considered is the size of the info-graphics. The size of the image should not cover a major part of the web-page. Always go in for images or ads that are of excellent quality and professionally clicked. Keep the pop-ups and newsletter to a minimum reminder as they can be annoying to the visitors. Making it viable to close the pop up on their phone should also be easy.

Though this new update demands changes in your website. But Google always makes sure to provide enough time to rework on the site based on the guidelines provided. This update is expected to work in 2021 giving months for webmasters to prepare. Carefully looking at individual factors, webmasters can modify the site. Core web vitals are the key to modification to be in line with the new Google page experience update. Google Search Console consists of web page speed in addition to mobile friendliness and loading time. Any of these new metrics do not include any innovation on behalf of the SEO or webmasters. But requires websites to rank based on individual metrics and then total. Based on this total it will be placed on the search engine results. Though Google uses numerous ranking metrics, webmasters can master in the above mentioned ones to reach to the top pages.

This new update demands webmasters to work on SEO and even beyond. This includes adding keywords, content quality, link quality, loading time, web-page functionality and overall user experience. Your old keywords will still be considered valid. So web owners need not worry about deleting the previous done work on the website. This is a refined process requiring SEO developers to work and add the successive changes. Website developers have professional SEO services in Hyderabad that would help web owners with content strategy and SEO.

Google has always been blamed for making new updates without prior notice to web owners.  This update has been notified by Google months prior and is expected to roll out in early or mid-2021. This update comes in early due to the unexpected environment conditions. It is giving time for web owners to modify the website content and strategize SEO according to the given guidelines. With time these changes will come into place and affect their ranking on the search engine.

Google has always been inclined towards offering great content. Web-pages with excellent content will be placed higher irrespective of their user page experience. But other factors will also play an important role, but it cannot suppress the importance of great content. Google demands for good user page experience in which the priority will be given to content followed by other mentioned factors.

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