Importance of long tail keywords

Importance of long tail keywords

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Posted On: 16 Dec 2019

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A keyword is a single word but a long tail keyword is a three to four word phrase that is commonly used by visitors when they look for material over the net. When a visitor uses a specific phrase during their search, they tend to be looking for a specific data. They know exactly what they want to buy and the minute details over it. In a virtual world, these specific searches have higher possibility to convert into real sales. For generic searches, its more of giving over consumers the Information they require to buy a product. These searches gear them up for order to give detailed information that would make the buying decision easy.

When it comes to SEO, keyword usage is essential. A single keyword can bring in thousands of results which will make it difficult for digital marketers to appear on the top of search engine results. For example, if the blog is about moms, the blogs will discuss about moms and kids, similarly an Italian food blogger can use words like food, hunger and so on. This general search will restrict your result from appearing the top of the search results. Whereas if the blogs use tail key words like Italian homemade food, Italian homemade pasta, Italian over cooked pizza and so on, will help generate more traffic.

Why focus on long tail keywords?

Long tail Keywords

Ranking on common keywords is much more difficult when compared to long tail keywords. Professional web development company in Hyderabad can achieve higher ranking in the search results. This high ranking is with the frequent usage of long tail keywords. As internet is a vast game with infinity search results fighting to appear on the top, thus to make your content visible you need to play the game smart. Focus on the niche customers as to what they require and how they would try to find you. This research will help you focus on the long tail keywords that will help achieve higher traffic.

Another major reason for choosing long tail keywords is that there is less probability of other SEO professionals to use the exact same long tail keyword. In such a case, the visitor finds you easily and thus increases the chances of buying your product or service. These multi word keywords are faster in achieving higher rank than generic keywords.

Using multi word keywords also helps cut down competition that one could face from big sites. Google, yahoo, CNN, and other blogs do commonly use words related to the topic. For example a travel blog like Travelocity, Travel triangle use common keywords like travel, journey in their blogs or articles. These are generic words that all adventure or travel tours use. Doing so will only increase the competition.

There are numerous long tail combinations that SEO professionals will come across. Thus, this calls for carefully crafting the pages that would zero in the searchers. To do so, professional SEO company in Hyderabad like Purple Syntax will perform extensive research on the searchers and the type of words they use and the combinations they opt for. Numerous pages will require different multi word phrases. To make the site look more substantial, company will tend to build more content related to the topic that would craft in the different long tail keywords. Each page should be unique focusing on those chosen multi word phrase. This will snag the searchers to come visit your page no matter which of the different combination keyword they use. So instead of just focusing on one or few of the combinations, try in for creating a groups of pages that will target dozens or even hundreds of such possible combinations that searchers will use.

In order to have cut down competition and make it to the top ten search results, you have to spend ample amount of time to design the keywords. There is no specific keyword combination or substitute for this. A good homework will help determine the meaningful and most appropriate keywords. A regular change and modification will also help you compete against the competition. Lately many apps and websites do the job simpler by listing down the related keyword combinations that you could use in your blogs. 

Use of long tail keywords

Long tail keyword is essential for easier ranking and ultimately high sales conversion. But SEO developers shouldn’t solely focus on this. If they plan to target specific keywords, it will restrict the traffic which will not help to sustain. Thus it is best to have either of the following:

1.  Few pages having large number of less targeted traffic (or)

2.  More pages with small amount of high targeted traffic.

The former idea will enable you to get less traffic but potential buyers whereas the latter idea will generate high number of traffic but only 10% will be your potential customers. The aim of both the above ideas is to increase the number of buyers.

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