How Search result pages can help you to improve the rankings of your own web pages

How Search result pages can help you to improve the rankings of your own web pages

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The websites that Google shows on the primary result page for your question contain plenty of knowledge which will assist you to boost your own web pages. If you wish to boost the rankings of your websites for your keywords, taking a more in-depth check up on the result pages will assist you plenty.


Google’s ranking algorithmic program uses a spread of various factors. a number of them are obvious by analyzing the highest hierarchal pages. Look for one among your most vital keywords and so take a glance at the search results:

1. Is that the keyword employed in the title of the net pages?

The title tag of an online page typically correlates with the keyword rankings of that page. Take a glance at the titles of the highest hierarchal pages.


Do your competitors use the queried keyword within the titles? If not, do they use keywords that are closely associated with the queried search term? However will your own web content compare? Will your own web content contain the words that are utilized by the high ranking pages?

2. Will it matter if the keyword is employed within the URL?

Of course, the URLs of the net pages also can influence the position of those pages. Do the high ranking pages use the keyword within the URL? Will your own page use the keyword within the URL?


How several variables are employed in the URLs of the highest hierarchal pages? URLs with terribly many variables typically don’t get high rankings.

3. What’s the frequency of the searched keyword within the pages?

The frequency of a keyword in an exceedingly web content influences the rankings of that page for that keyword. This is often way more than pure keyword density.


If you are sorting out a long-tail keyword that consists of the many words, you will typically get results that don’t contain the whole search term. However, the results typically contain all of the queried words somewhere on the page. For that reason, it\’s conjointly vital to require a glance at the individual words of the search term.

ressions of the hunt term.


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