How To Analyze Your Competitor SEO

How To Analyze Your Competitor SEO

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Have you ever had the sensation that despite what you are doing, you’re not thriving with search engines? whereas it’s quite doable that you just do things wrong, one alternative doable reason for your poor SEO performance is that your competition is de facto robust. If you’re terribly very competitive niche, then your competition is very smashing and you only cannot afford to not keep a watch on them.


Well, albeit your niche is not that competitive, you’ll solely win if you recognize a way to monitor your competitors success and failure. Here area unit some steps you’ll do to investigate your SEO competition

1. Pull the highest 5 Search Results For Your Keyword

The first step is straightforward, place your keyword into Google’s search bar and replica the highest five rankings sites domains into a computer program. These area unit the five domains we wish to appear into. They’re clearly ranking and that we need to induce a sympathize with why.

Now additionally create a row for your page on your web site that you just need to rank. This can be therefore we are able to simply see the competitions stats vs our current stats.

2. Check the competition Back Links:

Backlinks area unit the opposite backbone of fine SEO rankings. This can be why you wish to totally examine the backlinks of the competition. Search for their range and origin, anchor text, etc. and you’ll get a clue however your competition is doing on this front. Fairly often you would possibly get some backlinks concepts for you – i.e. if you see that your competitors have backlinks from fashionable sites you did not realize, contact the webmaster of the popular web site to check if you’ll get backlinks from them, too.

3. Check alternative SEO Factors:

Keywords and backlinks area unit vital however they are not everything. So as to induce an intensive plan of however your competition is ranking, you wish additionally to visualize your competitors Page Ranks in Google and the way they perform in Yahoo and Bing. You must additionally cross-check the quantity of indexed pages the sites of your competitors have with search engines.

4. Appraise Your competition SEO On Social Media

Social media tend to drive many traffic to a web site. This can be why you cannot skip a check however your competitors do on social media. Sadly, this check is tougher to perform. Social bookmarking sites area unit one in every of the kinds of social media and you’ll begin your analysis from them. Have a glance at a number of the main social bookmarking sites to check if your competitors have posts there and the way fashionable these posts area unit.


Twitter and Facebook area unit 2 alternative large sources of traffic. You’ll browse to check if your major competitors have profiles at these sites however unless you create friends with them, you’ll never grasp what specifically they post. Still, if their profiles have publically accessible sections, this provides a thought of what they are doing on Twitter and Facebook.


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