Manage digital risk and protect your brand

Manage digital risk and protect your brand

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Posted On: 15 Mar 2018

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As we all know it is possible to engage digitally with consumers all over the world on many screens and screen sizes (smart watches, mobile phones, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV, automobile), at any place and at any given time. The companies who work digitally have been benefited from this new digital age. Data is now present everywhere, with the customers, employees and third party data and on all kinds of devices and in the cloud.


Combining these two digital shifts, we now have an amazing opportunity as marketers to engage in a personal way with our customers. But with this great opportunity, there also comes great risk that is digital risks. And it is important to educate and prepare the business owners with what is going on around them.

Almost every day, you read about the breaches happening in different companies that the data belonging to millions of customers and employees has been stolen. Breaches have become so common that we are all getting anxious on hearing.


Many of the breaches occur due to usage of malicious websites, fake social media profiles and mobile applications that trick customers and employees where they unknowingly fill in their personal data and log-in with the credentials. This data is then stored by the attackers for their profits or sold openly in the dark web for others. This affects everyone the company, the brand, customers, third parties, employees.


As business owners, one needs to be their own brand caretakers; for their company and their customers. Everything need to be done in such a way that they can make the customers love and trust them. There is a possibility that one could do 99.99% of right things, but with one minor mistake you could end up getting a message saying “You are hacked” and it could wreck it all. Hence, the marketers must play an active role working with the security team and be spirited in managing digital risk to protect the brand.


That is why, we as a Digital Marketing Agency are here to educate you and explain you about the digital risks and what actions you should be taking at the earliest and work with our security team for managing digital risk and protecting your brand. This is called Online Reputation Management.


Here, a sentiment analysis is done using some tools on your brand to identify how people are talking about it online and this data is then passed on to the client which gives them knowledge on their brands reputation. Solutions for problems are then listed to the client and the best one among them is chosen.


This is one of the important parameters to understand how customers pursue your brand in digital spectrum. We make sure that the impact of a hack will be minimized before it affects your customers and your brand and your popularity as a brand will be improvised. As they say, “Prevention is better than Cure”.


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