Nine Pillars of Digital India

Nine Pillars of Digital India

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An initiative by the Government of India is Digital India. Government focuses on digitalizing the payment to have transparency between the public and government. The government is focusing on improving the online platforms that makes transactions easier and faster. Internet connectivity across the country is essential to make this campaign a successful one. This campaign also includes the urban as well as rural areas. The basic design of this campaigns lies in three key structures.

  • Developing a secure and safe environment for digital transaction
  • Literacy in digital payment across the country
  • Making the government services digital

Digital marketing services in Hyderabad aims on digital India. The prime idea of this campaign is to benefit both government as well as the citizens of India. It intends to benefit the citizens like their campaigns that have been introduced- Make In India, Standup India, BharatNEt to name a few. Digital India Campaign focuses on the following nine pillars.

1. Broadband Highways

This pillar intends to cover in three sub categories. Thus it focuses on developing broadband highways for rural, urban and infrastructure for national information.

Rural - The main motive of the broadband is to cater to 250 thousand village panchayats.

Urban - For the broadband for urban it includes the virtual networks Operators who would be leveraged for service delivery. It is mandatory for new urban building to have communication infrastructure as well.

National infrastructure- Networks like SWAN, NKN and NOFN would be integrated with the national information Infrastructure. Along with that it will also have permission for horizontal connectivity up to 100, 50, 20, 5 government offices. 

2. Universal connectivity with mobile phones

The prior motive is to focus on digging in deeply within the country. This will enable them to reach to places where there is poor or no connectivity. Thus there will be better connectivity across the country. Thus country is expected to have increased system infiltration & scope of services.

3. Public Internet Access Program 

Public internet Access Program is subdivided into two components. Common Service Centres and Post Offices been developed as multi centres.

  • Common Service Centres - The increase of number in common service has been severe. It is made reasonable, multifunctional end-focuses for administration conveyance. It aims to expand the reach of Govt. administrations to all GPs
  • A total of 150 thousand post offices are being considered to turn into multi service Centres. This scheme would be implemented by the nodal department. This ought to be long haul vision for POs

4. E-Governance – Reforming government through Technology

Government Business Process Re-designing utilizes IT to enhance exchanges. This activity needs to be performed across the departments and ministries across the country. To help guide the government through technology the following steps are important for transformation process.

  • Electronic Databases- all the database should be converted from manual to electronic.
  • Workflow computerization- the workflow across all the Indian agencies and departments should be electronic and updated automatically. This will enable efficiency and visibility across all the citizens of the country.
  • Public Grievance Redressal – government and its departments should be capable of analysing, automating and responding to data in case of problems that arrive persistently. This will not only save time but also help in the process.

5. eKranti – Electronic conveyance of administrations

With already 31 projects of e-government Mission Mode, it is expected to add 10 more to e-Kranti. This includes:

  • Technology for Education – All the schools are expected to be connected through a mutual network that is e-Education. Free Wi-Fi will be given to all schools including primary schools. This will bring the literacy to next level.
  • Technology for Health – this will cover consultation for everyone online. E-Healthcare also includes ordering medicines online and viewing medical records over the internet.
  • Technology for Planning- this Mission Mode project will be in line with the GIS based decision. This will be used during project conceptualizing, planning and during the design and development stage.
  • Technology for Farmers- using technology, farmers will be able to generate real information about their inputs and can even order online. Hey would even be advanced loan and relief money would be transferred online.
  • Technology for Security- in case of emergency services or disaster relief environment, it will provide services to citizens and minimize the loss.
  • Technology for Financial Inclusion- mobile banking, use of micro ATM and post offices will be strengthened by use of technology.
  • Technology for Justice- this will cover e-courts, e-jails, e-police and e-prosecution.
  • Technology for Cyber Security- this centre caters to making a secure cyber space.

6. Information for All

The basic motive of this to provide the citizens of India with all the information they need. It also makes communication with the government much easier than physically going to different government departments to gather information.

  • Online Hosting of Information & reports
  • Government star effectively draws in through online networking. This will inform the citizens about any new developments or news and vice versa.
  • Online informing is about informing the citizens about special programs or occasions by way of SMS or e-mails.
  • All this will exhaust a huge amount of existing base which will also demand additional resources.

7. Electronics Manufacturing – Target NET ZERO Imports

Electronics Marketing will require coordination from various fields.

  • Target NET ZERO Imports is a striking exhibit of expectation
  • Ambitious objective which obliges facilitated activity on numerous fronts
  • Focused territories – Fab-less Design, VSATs, Smart Energy meters, micro ATM’s to name a few.

8. IT for Jobs

This program calls for

  • Training individuals in littler towns & towns for IT division occupations
  • IT/ITES in NE
  • Training Service Delivery Agents to run a suitable organizations conveying the IT benefits
  • Telecom administration suppliers to prepare rustic workforce to coddle their own particular needs

9. Early Harvest Programs

  • IT stage for messages will cover Government employees and representatives across the country.
  • Government Greetings to be e-Greetings are been made available in different designs and styles.
  • Biometric attendance will cover all the offices of central government of India in Delhi.

Digital India is a dream of the government of India to have transparency between the government and its citizens. Digital marketing company in Hyderabad also strongly believes in digitalization. Along with digital payments, government is making a point for everyone to have a bank account and mobile number. This will be linked to Aadhaar card, making transactions easier. Salary, loan payment will be made in minutes without having to wait. E-governance is also another initiative which will help you generate birth c1ertificate, death certificate immediately. These are few initiative that government of India has taken for the development of the country.

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