Unknown fascinating Facts concerning SEO you never knew

Unknown fascinating Facts concerning SEO you never knew

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1. Google limits yours SERP titles supported pixels

As we tend to all grasp Google show titles no more than seventy characters in net search. However currently Google shows the whole title all 107 characters. you’ll be able to verify by typewriting this title in Google search. supported this experiment, it’s cheap that Google doesn’t care title length, all it cares concerning however wide your title is, that is measured in pixels.

2. Google doesn’t use the keyword meta tag in net search

Google doesn’t use the “keywords” meta tag in net search ranking. It’s doable that Google may use this info within the future, however it’s unlikely. Google has neglected the keywords meta tag for years and presently they don’t ought to modification that policy.

3. Keywords don’t stay among the highest ten forever

If you think that your keywords square measure ranking on high ten and that they can stay on high ten forever, this may be your mistake. you’re ranking high these days, and this might be your moment of fame. Search engines like Google, Bing continuously update their databse on a commonplace and SERPs modification consequently. Please ANd} perceive that SEO is an current method.

4. No realtion between PR and SERP

If you think that that SEO is concerning increasing the Page Rank(PR) and your ranking can improve simply because of High PR. High page rank has nothing to try and do with a site’s rankings, which an occasional PR doesn’t mirror badly on a website’s quality. Some times agone PR was thought of for deciding the worth of a web site, however those days square measure gone. you’ll be able to safely stop worrying concerning PR.

5. Slow and steady wins the race

‘In what quantity time you’ll be able to bring my keywords on high 10 ?’, These form of queries very frustrates SEO specialists. SEO may be a slow and steady method. it’s not like PPC campaign that you simply pay cash and visual in search engines in minute.

Slow and steady wins the race that is additionally enforced on SEO. Not the quick and also the furious. quick and furious will generate lots of links during a} very little span of your time, that may affects your web site rankings or perhaps penalized by search engines. therefore continuously try and create links slow and steady.

6. PPC doesn’t assist you rankings

If you’re questioning that PPC helps in organic programme rankings, it suggests that you didn’t perceive the employment of PPC. PPC may be a term of programme selling that is go by search engines by taking cash from the purchasers and display in line with their bids on an exploration engine website.

7. Alexa Rank doesn’t facilitate SEO

Does alexa rank support any web site for programme ranking? NO, programme has completely nothing to try and do along with your website’s Alexa Rank. i might like you to know that Alexa is completely a third Party Company and that they have their own formula to rank your web site world wide.

8. Use H1 tag just one occasion on an internet page

Always try and use H1 tag just one occasion for an internet page. For a college there’s only 1 Principal equally for an internet page only 1 H1 tag is important. Your web site may be penalised or your keyword won’t rank properly if you utilize multiple H1 tags for an internet page.

9. Penguin vs Panda

Google sphenisciform seabird is code name for a Google rule that is formed for decreasing computer program ranking of an internet site that violates Google’s Webmasters pointers by mistreatment black hat SEO techniques like calibre links, keyword stuffing, over optimized text, cloaking etc

Google panda is amendment to the Google’s search results ranking rule that aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” that may have skinny content, content farms, high bounce rates means that display various advertising on a page.

10. Website speed matters for SERP

Google declared that ‘page speed is currently a ranking factor’. The question becomes however vital is load time. whereas increasing your website speed is basically vital and may be in hot water the user’s expertise, it can even improve your conversion rate.

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