How to Optimize Your Site for Google Carousel Results?

How to Optimize Your Site for Google Carousel Results?

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Posted On: 29 Oct 2020

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Search engine optimization is a complicated yet very effective source of traffic and conversions. Google carousel brings in new window that lets you appear on top of the search results. It does come with new practices. Therefore, let’s look at how Google Carousel works and its effect.

What is a Google carousel all about?

Google had officially launched carousel feature back in June 2013, which was an expansion to their already existing knowledge graph. The main purpose of Google carousel is to give the searcher a visual and interactive display of results so that they can make an informed decision. For instance, Joy is looking for a fine dine Italian restaurant, Google carousel will showcase him the images, reviews, distance, prices, pictures of the restaurant so that you make a decision based on these factors. This has become advantageous for businesses point of view as they get a chance to gain more customers. With a vague list of pictures and restaurant list, visitors get varied options to choose from. Thus it makes visiting Google carousel easier.

What are Google carousel results?

Google carousel is basically a row of results that is visual that searchers can interact with. It is quite common on mobile devices but a few desktops also have it in them. In simple language when you search something, the results show you videos related to your search. For example if you search hotels near Disneyland in Paris, the result for each hotel on the carousel will show you the image, reviews, name and address of the property.

There are various different types of Google carousels including videos, images, knowledge base and many more. Let’s detail the different types of Google carousels.

1. Videos

Videos are one of the most common type of carousel. This option is available for smart phones and as well PCs. With two versions available, it makes numerous visitors to use Google carousel. In simple language it means when you search for something and the results show you videos of the asked place, person or thing.

2. Images

They majority appear when you search using your mobile and Google may have noticed that the audience responds better to image results. This is not the case for desktop, there images appears as a super-set block rather than appearing as a carousel.

3. Interesting findings

These are specifically for mobile search results. Whatever topic you search for, if there are lesser known facts about it, then it appears on your search results page as a carousel.

4.  Hosted

Not all carousels are considered as standalone elements of search. Some of these are grouped into an organic search result as well. Google supports various hosted carousels such as:

  • Movie list
  • Recipe list
  • Course schedule
  • Restaurants

How to optimize for Google Carousels?

Just like any other newer search elements, carousels don’t appear for all search results on Google. They change as per the results. Making sure to not to go after the already existing opportunity. But, having said that, it is important to keep an eye on and maximize the use of existing opportunities. It is better to use mobile device to search for target queries, and along with that it is also important to note the existing carousel opportunities that you can target. Based on the object targeted, Google generates carousels for each query. Doing so, helps understand the target that your searcher is looking for.

Let’s understand what results tell us about our target audience and how we can serve them better based on search elements that we see in Google search results.

1.     Video carousels

Google search video carousels

Video carousels are easiest and important to develop for. Just get into the commitment of making a video that matches each target esquire. It may sound a lot of work and quite challenging but it is quite doable. There are numerous video creators online. One of them like that of Renderforest that helps you build professional videos in no time. Pick a template, add your text and edit each scene to do it, add screenshots, images and you’re good to go.

The online video creator also allows you to write your script and Renderforest tool puts up the video together. When you customize your videos you can use existing portion or add any of your own. In case you are looking for something specific, it offers you free footage to do so. Someone new in this field can also take use SEO services in Hyderabad to use their knowledge and get the video carousels done. YouTube is the best median to put up your videos. It is no doubt one of the most powerful platforms and also help you increase your potentials or video ranking. YouTube clearly dominates Google search results. With increase in search visibility, YouTube also helps building you organic traffic 

2.    Image carousels

Google Search Image Carousel

The image carousels heavily rely on Google images, therefore it breaks down to practices best image optimization. It is easy and simple. Let’s look at the steps:

  • Your image file should contain keywords that target the search.
  • While using images in your content always make it a point to use alt text. 
  • Try to use original and relevant images. Images should be a part of the content created and not just added for the sake of making the page colorful or presentable. 
  • Make sure images load quickly by doing compressing the images.

Having visual marketing strategy also improves the and increases organic visibility. Adding images to your content have scientifically been proven to improve engagement with the audience that leads to better rankings and conversions. To do so effectively, companies can also take help of professional web development company in Hyderabad who will do the work on behalf of them. 

3.    Interesting findings carousels

Google Knowledge Carousel

For knowledge base carousels there is no thumb rule. Having no set format on how to create or structure, it leaves a vague gap for you to create content for knowledge base carousels. There is no sufficient evidence for the ones who have successfully done this so far.

Step on the carousel

It is quite hard to keep up with the search engine results page of Google. By taking up a higher level content strategy, you will be able to organically capture more opportunities and ideas for carousel.

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