5 Benefits of Social Media Sharing for SEO

5 Benefits of Social Media Sharing for SEO

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Posted On: 13 Feb 2018

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Search engine is the biggest source of traffic for any website or any other online platforms. Over 80 percent of new traffic comes via search engine. This information must inspire webmasters and marketers to leverage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques in order to gain online visibility and benefit from Search engines.

One of the other ways to get traffic on their websites is through social networking sites. Now-a-days, social networking platforms are not just used to socialize but also used for business. With the invent of various business pages and profiles on various social sites, ranking of the website may alter on Search engines. 

Google’s latest algorithm demonstrates that search engine is refining its ranking factors, based on the relevant and most popular pages visited on various social platforms. The more social activity, the more are the chances that its website would get a higher ranking. Social networking is regarded as the number one online activity and thus, data from social web are highly considered by search engines as pointing towards what people are talking about and looking for.

What is the impact of social media on SEO?


1.  It helps in link building 

When any content from a particular brand is shared on any social media platform, it gains visibility and that social networks registered users get aware of the brand. Thus, increasing the link building opportunities. The number of back links a websites gets serves as a vote of confidence that proves the relevance of a website. Always remember, Google is lover of 100% natural links that are built organically.


2.  It drives real traffic to a website 

One of the major factors is driving organic traffic. Social media content has a vast reach. It helps to attract more traffic than just having your content over a website. While links are just used to pass the page rank to the website, Social Media simultaneously pulls a lot of traffic that is easy to convert because it comes from a genuine crowd. For example, on an average a user has 150 friends and when he shares any brands content, it is shared among his 150 friends and if loop continues the reach of the content increases exponentially, even if 5 people further share the same content.


3. Improves content reach

Social media is one medium to ensure that the content reaches to as many people as possible. On social media your content reaches to people who didn’t even realize the fact that they needed your content. Whereas in search engines only if you search for the particular keyword you get the required content.


4.  Optimization of Images 

Showing images on Search engine results pages is the latest trend right now and Google’s knowledge graph is the proof for this. The inclusion of keyword optimized images in the blog posts results in improved visibility on the results page.

5.  Indexing of Web-pages  

Content that is being shared a lot on social media gets indexed faster on search engines. This could reduce the indexing time to 50% when compared to normal index time taken by GoogleBot. And when content is indexed fast that means it is found quicker.

6. Local SEO

Google is considered to help your business make more creditable when you have your company name, address and phone number information provided. Google listing will have your location, working hours and ratings listed when a visitor looks over the search engine. It also helps you boost your ranking.


7. Boosts the discoverability of keywords  

A social profile that has keywords included in description and URL will be shown when a user searches for those keywords as Search engine takes the name, URL and bio into consideration. Make sure the content you share on social networking site has similar keywords to that on brands website, there are chances this could get you a higher ranking than expected. 

It is essential to build a social media strategy so this can help you improve your search engine ranking, helps you to gain authority and overall brings organic traffic to you site. Company can also choose to appoint SEO Company in Hyderabad.

  1. Maximize the use of your social media profile with linking the about section to your products and services your company.
  2. Highly important to make sure that all your information posted by you on your pages is genuine and consistent contact information on all social sites.
  3. Response to negative comments shouldn’t be in anger or frustration but should focus on solving those matters for the customers, giving out a positive attitude.
  4. Building albums with your content and happy clients that are organic.

Social media and SEO services in Hyderabad both have their own functions of promoting your content or gaining organic traffic to your website. They both do it in their own manner but the results are genuine and with time they only get better. The above strategies help you to attain traffic which is genuine and customers are entitled with your company for good. These steps aren’t rigid and have a way to follow them. But can be used in various different ways and at various other steps on your social media and search engine optimization. 

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