5 Misleading facts about Digital Marketing

5 Misleading facts about Digital Marketing

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Posted On: 30 May 2018

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Well, every good thing starts with a mission. Also it is very important to understand that every mission takes some time to be achieved. But usually people at the very beginning become impatient and assume that it is impossible to accomplish the goals. This disbelief rates misconceptions and eventually misleading facts revolve around like a virus.

Here we are talking about Digital Marketing. This marketing technology, started over 3 decades ago and it still seems to be new to many. People who are novice in this marketing industry, tend to infer wrong assumptions which is actually misleading for others. It is very important to enlighten here, about some facts that are being taken the other way round.

For anyone, who is a beginner, many a times, they face situations, where they actually don’t see results, despite putting tremendous efforts. There comes a disbelief in them and they start directly come to a conclusion. It’s true that it is not easy to compete in this challenging market, but it should not be forgotten that in this technology driven world, digital marketing has shown flying colors to many businesses and has given then a new platform to showcase their work.

For the sake of newbies, below discussed are some common mistakes which they should avoid so as to have a positive growth in their business.

1.  Time consuming

Everyone expects outcomes to come as fast as a smile, no matter what the reality is. Beginners have the basic complaint that it is very time consuming in comparison to the speed at which the results should come. So first thing which they should understand is there is no shortcut to success. Digital marketing is not like a magic wand, which can show miracles in just a blink of an eye. General rule says that whenever you start with anything new, you should wait for some time to observe the results. Same goes with digital marketing. Instead of just coming straight away on to the conclusion, you should rather keep some patience for the outcome to come. Based on that, you should rework on the strategy if the results are not satisfactory. You should not get disheartened by seeing them and make a wrong impression about the technology. You can also discuss with the experienced people or with your digital marketing agency about your strategies and focus more on the next step. You will surely see favorable outcomes.

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2.   Needs technical knowledge

It is another misconception that you need technically grounded to work on digital marketing platform. Though it is always beneficial to have prior knowledge, but this is not compulsory. It is not something which you cannot understand. Definitely you would need an aptitude to build up strategies according to the market. But still if you feel it’s not your cup of tea to handle all this, you must look for best digital marketing agency to help you deal with online marketing. Most appealing part of digital marketing is that it can be measured. You can keep a track of every step you are taking in order to avoid any mistakes. There are numerous tools for this task which will help you with systematic dealing of the entire process.

3.  Involves huge amount of money

Well, nothing is free on this planet. Digital sphere also belongs to this world. Definitely it is not as expensive as traditional marketing. But you should know how to invest money strategically, which you will learn through experience. That is the reason why new comers find it expensive. It is kind of a setback to them as they do not have enough funds at the beginning. But once they start seeing success, they will understand its worth.

4.  SEO as slow and doesn’t show results

Lot of people think that Search engine optimization barely shows any results. Though it is the most practiced technique but still there is dissatisfaction among people. Well, seo is an organic technique, i.e. it can be performed free of cost. So it is but obvious, that there is an extra hard work required, since all the business platforms start with seo. To beat the massive competition, you must be different from others. The best part of performing seo is it aligns the complete business module including the website, as the digital marketing norms. There are several tools available in seo that can set your business in digital harmony.

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5.  Social media covers everything

With the increasing usage of social media day by day, a wrong impact is coming on the new comers. They are assuming that digital marketing is all about social media marketing. For them, everything revolves around social media. But the reality isn’t the same. There are so many tools and techniques that play an important role in digital marketing, besides social media marketing. You just cannot completely rely upon social media for the success. You have keep other factors in parallel so get an overall result.


Do not let the is conceptions rule over the reality. This will spoil your entire digital marketing journey. Hope, the above points give you come clarity for dealing with digital strategies. Only suggestion is do some research before taking any decision and do not get influenced by people’s sayings. You may also read technical blogs or approach the top digital marketing services providing company. That will help you widen your thought process and knowledge area. Success comes with time, but putting the right efforts at the right time, can only bring that. If you are willing enough to perform marketing on your business, no one can stop you. automatically you will find right things falling on your way!

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