Why do we need Digital Marketing

Why do we need Digital Marketing

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Posted On: 10 Nov 2017

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In older days, Market referred to a place where sellers and consumers used to meet for exchange of goods or services or products with money. Traditionally market was divided into two categories as there was only one factor which could set them apart. Based upon the quantity of goods handled it was either retail (for small quantity) or wholesale (for large quantity). 

However, in modern days the word “Market” has a wider meaning as there are not one but many factors effecting, One of which being online business  and offline business. The strategies used to outgrow your business will also differ as per the mode of your business. Marketing in a brief could be explained as any type of promotion, advertising or publicity which is used by companies to sell their service.

Some of the traditional techniques used for an offline business, to do marketing include printing advertising like newsletters, pin board ads, newspaper ads, pamphlets. Other forms could include audio ads on radio stations, TV commercials, Hoardings. For an online business all you will need is good marketing strategies used over the internet often called Digital marketing techniques. As we see there is a lot of growth and changes in the technology and the way businesses are dealt, the marketing techniques used to sell the service or product also have changed and will keep changing in coming future.

Growth of Digital Marketing in recent years-

Technology now-a-days is being improved very drastically. Thus, eventually the existing marketing techniques might get washed away, leaving us with no marketing techniques in mere future. So, digital marketing is not just a need but a want.

We can say that digital marketing is one of the latest forms of computerization. 20 years ago when there were a few or no computers, no smart phones, no tablets, no internet connection, the marketing techniques used were capable enough to get customers to the business owners. But as and when, one by one, when each of the above technologies was introduced it brought a digital revolution all together, for today’s market. The digital marketing follows its parent’s footsteps. It is very similar to traditional marketing but uses a digital mode of technology. It is faster, more reliable and easy to find, thus making it acceptable worldwide.

Internet marketing is a broad term that is nothing but marketing through online medium like search engines, websites, social media network, emails using a few techniques like SEO(search engine optimisation), SEM(Search engine marketing), content marketing, email marketing and other Social Media Marketing.

This sector is only going to see growth in coming future as it is more cost effective, faster and reliable which generates better revenue if we target the correct audience. However there are other few factors which could affect the process of firm’s ability to grow and maintain the successful relation with target audience. A stake holder needs to give the proper attention by choosing the consumers, maintain a record of correct audience and produce a cost effective product.

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