How to light your marketing campaigns this Diwali?

How to light your marketing campaigns this Diwali?

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Posted On: 06 Nov 2018

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As we all know, Diwali is just around the corner. It is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals in India. Over the past few years, it has turned into one of the biggest shopping festivals too! Being an auspicious occasion, people really look forward to this festival especially when any big purchasing has to be made.

This is where marketers come into action! This is the time when there are new launches in the market as well as exciting offers on purchases. Grabbing this time frame and utilizing the most out of it, completely depends on how smart the marketer it. To be a part of this ultra-competitive scenario during Diwali, you must follow quick steps and some digital marketing tips that can help you stay alive in the game.

1. Timing is important

Timing and relevance of advertising are always important. You should first analyze:

  • which product are you planning to promote?
  • what is the ideology behind?
  • are the customers actually looking something similar to it?

You should ask yourself these questions, then only you can think about whether you are marketing for your product at the right time or not. This will also help you to come up with some creativity that can justify your product launch at this seasonal time.

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2. Visualize your product impact

Your product niche is very important before you actually market. People, during this time, are more likely to buy new apparels, gifts, lighting, firecrackers, greeting cards, electronics and of course, auspicious items. If you think, your product can attract customers during Diwali season, then you can surely go ahead in marketing but if you feel you want to do hit and trial, then you are just making a big mistake. Do not just assume that anything can do well during the festive season. There is always a right time for everything.

3. Understand your audience

Before you start marketing your product, it is very important to understand the behaviour of your intended audience.

  • how will they react for your product
  • how are they more likely to buy? Whether through the website, app or personally from market

Gathering this sort of information will help you to think about your plan and where to focus to ensure sales. If your customers are more likely to buy from an online platform, then, in that case, you can perform email marketing or run pay per click advertising.

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4. Sense your competitors

During festivals, you will always notice that the competitors are always snapping at the heels, for the same reason why you are selling your product/ service. Also with the availability of various types of analytics tools and of course big data, the reason for exclusivity fades off.

Well, this is not to dishearten you, rather making you more alert and shaking your creative side. To have an edge over your competitors, you must do a thorough research about the market and know about the latest trends. Also, ensure you do a proper keyword analysis and work on SEO in detail.

5. Devise efficacious strategy

After having a good knowledge of all the related prospects, you have prepared yourself to structure a plan that can help you stay in the market during the competitive Diwali sale season. But be a little careful and conscious because you really cannot afford to commit any mistake at this moment. Take good use of facebook, twitter or Pinterest and run best social media campaigns this Diwali. Analyze the market, strategize your vision, focus on the entry point, locate your audience and just blow the arrow on target. That is it!

Hope the glow of your Digital Marketing Plan, lights up your path with success and prosperity.


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